As a leading digital infrastructure company, TRUE Corporation offers extensive integrated and innovative technologies, communication services and top quality content. First established in 1990, the company now controls Thailand’s largest cable TV provider, TrueVisions, one of the country’s largest internet service provider, True Internet, as well as one of the nation’s largest mobile operators, TrueMove.

With the support of Asia’s largest agro-conglomerate, the Charoen Pokphand Group, TRUE has a reported revenue of 124bn baht in 2016, as well as total assets to 449bn baht in the same year. Widely known as Thailand’s convergence and digital lifestyle leader, TRUE’s investments in the Internet of Things and Thailand 4.0 demonstrates the company’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology to enhance its customers’ digital lifestyle.


TRUE opens its flagship branding shop at ICONSIAM,– one of Bangkok’s most popular high-end shopping malls. TRUE Branding Shop covers 2,033sqm of space over two floors, and aims to be one of the icons of the digital world.

As the first TRUE shop to showcase innovation and high-end technology, mobile phones and accessories will be presented through the latest innovation and automation. The shop provides customers with unique close-up experiences of the most sophisticated technologies while they complete their purchases.

As most of the products are small in size, the shop will require an efficient small item order picking system to ensure effective end-to-end retail operations.

The AutoStore from Swisslog was the perfect fit for the concept. It provides a highly efficient, robotics storage and order processing solution that supports TRUE Branding Shop’s requirements.


Swisslog was the first company to recommend a viable automation solution to TRUE. With more than 160 projects implemented worldwide, Swisslog is the AutoStore expert.

AutoStore is a unique and simple solution that uses robots and bins to quickly process small parts orders. It provides better use of available space than any other automated system, thanks to its unique design that enables direct stacking of bins on top of each other and storage of multiple SKUs in a single bin. Over time, the system automatically learns which products have a higher rotation, storing them on the top layer to ensure faster picking times.

While the AutoStore systems are usually implemented in warehouses and distribution centres away from shopping malls, TRUE Branding Shop allows customers to experience the AutoStore system firsthand and up close. Customers can watch as the three robots systematically pick the mobile products from 500 container bins, intelligently supported by Swisslog’s SynQ warehouse management system

TRUE Branding Shop at ICONSIAM now showcases unique innovative services, including vending machines that autonomously sell smart phones and gadgets to customers. The AutoStore system also uses robots to manage warehouse inventory. The system is equipped with smart intelligence that runs the analysis to increase the convenience of stock management and reduce the use of store space.

ดร. ปพนธ์ รัตนชัยกานนท์ ผู้ช่วยประธานคณะผู้บริหาร บริษัท TRUE Corporation

“TRUE Branding Shop at ICONSIAM, covering 2,033sqm of space on two floors, is truly one of the icons of the digital world. Our shop is proudly presented to impress the new generation in terms of technology, inspiration and motivation so that they can create new things that help them to compete in the international arena. All of this would not be achievable without the support from a partner like Swisslog, which allows us to deliver this absolute experience to our customers”Dr. Papon Ratanachaikanont Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer at TRUE Corporation Plc                       

Solution Highlight

  • High density, modular and fully scalable AutoStore grid
  • Intelligent software provides total control to effectively manage the entire end-to-end operations
  • Goods-to-person operation eliminates the need for operators to walk
  • Each ergonomic workstation is equipped with a touchscreen panel that is integrated with Swisslog’s Automation Manager



No. of bin locations500
No. of robots3
No. of picking locations3 conveyor ports
Total grid area58.8 m2


  • SynQ Warehouse Management System

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