From humble beginnings starting two decades ago, Sino Logistics Corporation is now in the process of transforming from a fast-growing freight forwarder to a comprehensive, end-to-end logistics service provider. The recent opening of its first warehouse near Laem Chabang Port marks an important milestone in this process.

In this issue of LM, Mr. Nanmanus Witthayasakpant, CEO of Sino Logistics Corporation, shared his thoughts on the development of the new warehouse and Sino Logistics’ five-year plan for continued growth.

Respond to Increasing Demand

Mr. Nanmanus Witthayasakpant, Managing Director of Sino Logistics Corporation

After years of successful operations, Sino Logistics Corporation has established itself as a comprehensive logistics service provider that customers and partners trust throughout Thailand. Its current roadmap to success includes expanding services and capabilities to meet the increasing demand of customers, including the new warehouse, which can handle a variety of cargo, such as electronic parts, auto parts and components, and other general cargo.

Mr. Witthayasakpant discussed the importance of the new warehouse and what it means for the company moving forward. “Warehousing is another service we decided to invest in to accommodate the needs of our customers. The launch of this service is part of our five-year expansion plan. We plan to own at least two warehouse facilities in Thailand by the end of 2022. Currently, the first warehouse is operational, and the second is well on its way.”

Strategic Location

Sino Logistics Corporation’s new 9,880 sq m warehouse is located just three kilometres from Laem Chabang Port, Thailand’s leading maritime gateway. This provides increased efficiency with fast loading and transporting of cargo to and from the port. The spacious facility is also divided into several zones for different types of cargo, providing high security and ease of management.

“The new warehouse has a distinctive advantage in its proximity to Laem Chabang Port, meaning it provides our customers with convenience. We also have about 2,000 sq m of space in front of the facility that will be developed into an empty container depot for container management and maintenance, adding yet another benefit for our customers.” Mr. Witthayasakpant said.

Safety Is the Top Priority

Beyond the strategic location and increased cargo capacity, the new warehouse is equipped with technologies to help improve its security, efficiency, and quality standards. For example, a warehouse management system, high-definition CCTV, uninterruptible power supply, and RFID are all in place to ensure that the facility provides fast, secure, and consistent service.

“Our warehouse utilizes the most modern technologies to bolster floor management and security,” adds Mr. Witthayasakpant. “It is run by professional staff to ensure quality, safety, and security for both our people and our customers’ cargo. Moreover, we are in the process of upgrading the warehouse to meet the stringent requirement of C-TPAT.”

Continued Growth

After the successful opening of the first warehouse, Sino Logistics Corporation wasted no time preparing for the second in order to offer increased services, efficiency, and capabilities to its customers.

“The second warehouse is under development and is scheduled to finish by January 1st, 2023. This warehouse will act as a bonded warehouse to serve a wider variety of businesses and customers.”

With the needs of customers at the heart of its business, the new warehouse highlights the company’s ability to quickly respond to the needs of today’s customers while always keeping one eye on the potential future demand. With all this in mind, Sino Logistics Corporation is well on the way to becoming the logistics service of choice for Thai customers – as well as those beyond Thailand’s borders.

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