LEO and China Post Welcome Their First China-Laos Freight Train


Leo Global Logistics PCL (LEO), represented by the management and Railway Business Development Department, has recently welcomed the inaugural China Post-LEO freight train, which had traveled from Kunming, China, to Laos over the newly operating China-Laos Railway. The cargo was then transshipped and brought to Thailand via a cross-border trucking service

This marks a new milestone in the partnership between the Thai end-to-end logistics provider and China Post, a Chinese state-owned enterprise. Additionally, it was a test run of the soon-to-be intermodal transportation service to survey the customs clearance processes involved as well as the overall logistics of the China-Laos-Thailand connection.

Following the finalization of the intermodal operation, LEO and China Post are expected to be able to transport at least 1,000-1,200 containers to China per year, generating no less than 120-150 million baht annually. This increases container transportation capacity, but it also presents a faster and safer transportation option for customers.

After the inaugural train welcoming ceremony, LEO’s management and Business Development Department also took this opportunity to network with China Post-LEO partners, whose operations are based in Laos.

Currently, LEO is the exclusive partner of China Post in Thailand. China Post is one of the state-owned enterprises officially appointed by the Chinese government to manage the marketing and freight services expansion of the China-Laos Railway.

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