Emirates Shipping Line (ESL) has offered sea freight services for over 17 years, connecting Thailand to major global markets. Recently, the shipping line strategically decided to widen its service scope and opened a new office in Bangkok. This expansion aims to provide comprehensive service and customer support through a dedicated team of experienced professionals with expertise in the sea freight industry.

Founded in 2006, Emirates Shipping Line is dedicated to fostering the growth of clients’ businesses and contributing to the advancement of the national economy. Over the years, the company has identified increased economic potential and numerous growth opportunities, prompting a strategic decision to expand its business and services in Thailand. In addition, ESL has recently introduced a service that establishes a direct connection between Thailand, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent. Simultaneously, ESL is actively promoting other related services to cater to the needs of both Thai and foreign customer groups.

LM interviewed Ms. Napassarwan Chinroongrotch, Managing Director of Emirates Shipping Line Thailand and ESL Agency (Thailand), to discuss ESL’s business model, new Bangkok office, and services. Ms. Napassarwan also shared the company’s goals and vision in Thailand and regional markets.

Headquartered in Dubai, Emirates Shipping Line provides ocean freight services, focusing on routes to the Middle East, China, Southeast Asia, India, and Africa. The company has a global presence with offices in over 63 locations across 31 countries worldwide.

Ms. Napassarwan stated, “ESL currently operates 14 main line services using our fleet of 13 vessels and partner vessels, serving diverse global destinations. Our extensive network covers major trade routes facilitated by ESL offices in various countries. Thailand holds strategic significance for ESL, prompting the recent upgrade in service with the opening of a new office. Our dedication is to enhancing the comprehensiveness of transportation services for our customers in Thailand. We aim to provide a different level of service and want Emirate Shipping Line Thailand to be synonymous with excellence, a name that customers remember for our commitment to delivering a service that stands out.”

The business expansion of ESL to Thailand results from their confidence in the potential of the Thai economy. Additionally, ESL also trusts the personnel’s capabilities in Thailand, believing that every party can serve customers with profound knowledge and an in-depth market understanding and offer services that meet the customers’ needs genuinely.

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In addition to strengthening its foothold in Thailand, ESL is committed to enhancing connectivity between Thailand and the global trade market. The upside of the EVGI service exemplifies this commitment, providing direct service between Thailand, India, and the Middle East with the shortest Thailand-to-India transit time in the market.

Ms. Napassarwan explained, ” Time is of the essence in the world of logistics, and we are here to set new standards of 12 Days direct service. Our EVGI is a weekly direct service with calls at Laem Chabang Port every Thursday. The EVGI service is designed to meet various shipping needs and can accommodate a diverse range of general cargo. Moreover, should customers have specific requirements for transporting different types of goods, they can communicate their preferences to our team. We stand ready to deliver comprehensive services with all necessary equipment.”

The EVGI service follows a rotation schedule that includes the following ports:Laem Chabang (Thailand) – Port Klang (Malaysia) – Nhava Sheva (India) – Jebel Ali (UAE) – Dammam (Saudi Arabia) – Sohar (Oman) – Nhava Sheva – Port Klang – Cai Mep

“To enhance customer service and convenience in Thailand, we extend our offerings beyond the direct EVGI service at Laem Chabang port. Our services include empty container yards in Bangkok and Ladkrabang, customs brokerage services at the Port of Bangkok, and container stuffing and deconsolidation services, serving both inbound and outbound shipments.”

Furthermore, Ms. Napassarwan underscores the Thailand office’s potential and preparedness to deliver customer services. “The new office in Thailand is fully equipped to provide comprehensive services to our customers. Our personnel, spanning the management team, Operations Department, Customer Relations Department, Sales Department, and Accounting and Finance Department, possess extensive expertise and direct industry experience. With a longstanding understanding of the market, they are adept at reaching customers and gaining deep insights into their needs. Customers can thus be confident in receiving excellent, prompt, and reliable service.”

Today, various companies, ESL itself included, place great importance on using technology and innovation to support their operations. However, ESL maintains a firm belief in the importance of human interactions. They prioritize direct communication between their customers and their employees, ensuring a deep understanding of the customers’ real needs. This approach enables ESL to address customer issues more effectively and accurately.

“We understand how customers feel when they need to inquire about information or report various issues. Therefore, whenever customers contact ESL, they can reach our employees directly without going through an automated response system. We maintain this direct communication channel between customers and employees so that customers can trust that our personnel are always there to care for them, answer questions, and support them. Concurrently, ESL continues to improve service efficiency through technology and digital solutions. They have developed an application on the ESL platform and an online container tracking system, simplifying the process for customers to monitor their shipments. Additionally, ESL offers an e-booking system to facilitate the entire shipment management process.” said Ms. Napassarwan.

ESL’s confidence in its personnel is backed by a strong organizational culture that fosters internal stability. The company drives forward with an open-minded philosophy, granting freedom in work and opportunities for personnel to learn and grow within their responsibilities.

“An important ethos of ESL’s culture is valuing its personnel, recognizing them as the key resource driving the organization forward. ESL empowers its employees with autonomy in their work, encouraging them to take initiative and directly engage with customers. This empowerment allows employees to tackle problems effectively and fosters a learning environment. Moreover, ESL delegates decision-making power to local managers, ensuring agility and quick problem resolution,” said Ms. Napassarwan.

“Additionally, ESL’s medium size enables rapid and efficient communication, which enhances operational speed and flexibility in management. This aspect significantly benefits their operational efficiency.”

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