Gram Software Solutions has launched a new platform called “TAGO” to improve container pickup management and revolutionize the logistics industry in Thailand. The platform aims to connect port and container yard operators, truck drivers, transport companies, and all stakeholders to enhance container yard operations by improving efficiency, convenience, speed, and energy-saving.

Previously, a long line of trucks stuck in front of the container yard or port’s gate led to questions about the efficiency of container pickup management. This resulted in problems such as traffic congestion, energy waste, time waste, missed profitability opportunities, pollution, etc. Gram Software Solutions, a digital platform development company specializing in logistics, conducted in-depth research by gathering information from all stakeholders to find a solution to these problems. The result was the development of a new integrated digital platform called ‘TAGO

We spoke with Mr. Yuttana Rodpia, President, and Ms. Natnicha Rodpia, Vice President of Gram Software Solutions, who shared in-depth information about the idea behind and the main goal of developing the new TAGO container pickup booking platform, which TAGO Express, a new subsidiary of Gram Software Solutions, manages.

TAGO Genesis

Mr. Yuttana noted, “Gram has over 20 years of experience developing container management system products for entrepreneurs in the port, terminal, container station, warehouse, and logistics business. Through this extensive experience, we have gained a deep understanding of the demands and pain points of every stakeholder in the industry. This has led us to develop a program that can effectively address the needs of providers and customers by using comprehensive systems. We also researched the obstacles in the container pickup process, which led to the development of TAGO, a digital platform that simplifies and streamlines the container pickup management process between land transport providers and terminal and container yard operators. TAGO not only reduces costs, time waste, and energy consumption but also supports more environmentally friendly operations.”

“TAGO, a digital platform that simplifies and streamlines the container pickup management process between land transport providers and terminal and container yard operators, not only reduces costs, time waste, and energy consumption but also supports more environmentally friendly operations.”

– Mr. Yuttana Rodpia –

One of the major issues with the service provided by container yards is the inefficiency and lack of mobility in container pickup booking management, along with a lack of comprehensive and extensive data connection. Although many container yard operators have developed their own container pickup booking management system, they still face the common problem of truck operators only being capable of brief bookings. Truck operators must still wait in line at the container yard gate and verify their booking again. Additionally, the unclear assignment and the lack of a convenient and fast payment method make the service take longer than necessary, wasting time and fuel and increasing time and fuel costs. Furthermore, the container yard’s developed system can only be used in the individual container yard, while container transport operators must contact many more container yards, each with their own different management system, further complicating matters for customers.

Double Simplification

Gram conducted a comprehensive study on the challenges piling up in the Thai logistics industry for a long time. They delved into the factors that impede smooth operations and the demands of all stakeholders involved. The study revealed that every industry segment needs a fast and reliable service. TAGO EXPRESS conducted a similar analysis and found that the major problem in the container pickup booking management system was the lack of connected data between the truck driver, transport operator, and container yard. The truck driver and the transport operator had no access to information about the container yard’s availability, including the container’s capacity that the yard could handle each hour.

On the other hand, the container yard could not access the information from the customer’s side. They were unaware of the activity the customers would engage in, the duration, the payment method, and even the truck’s condition, which could cause delays or early arrival problems. These communication errors led to a waste of time in solving the issues, causing chain effects on time and mobility management in service. Eventually, this resulted in traffic congestion and pollution problems.

“TAGO platform is a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced in container pickup operations, enabling individual container yards or terminals and transport operators to access it effectively through a single application.”

– Ms. Natnicha Rodpia –

Ms. Natnicha said, “TAGO platform was developed as a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced in container pickup operations. It is a centralized system that connects all the data from every segment, enabling individual container yards or terminals and transport operators to access it effectively through a single application. Container yards can use the platform to adjust capacity limits for every working hour, set service time schedules, manage payments, pre-calculate incomes and expenses, and communicate with container pickup operators directly. This enhances service mobility and prevents congestion in the container yard and in front of the gate. On the other hand, container pickup operators can use the platform to check available service times, calculate proper transport times, reduce waiting times, prevent energy wastage, and avoid payment problems. The TAGO platform is a game-changer for the container pickup industry, providing an efficient and effective solution for all stakeholders involved.”

State-of-the-Art IT Services

TAGO’s platform can be divided into two main parts. First is a mobile application for users such as truck drivers, truck providers, and common customers. Another is the back-office system for the container yard.

“TAGO’s container pickup booking system streamlines the process by assigning tasks to truck drivers once the truck providers have initiated them. The system then sends immediate notifications to drivers regarding the type of container they need to pick up, location, and scheduled time. Drivers can fill in their information and select bookings from available slots. The system provides an interface displaying the number of containers the container yard can provide every hour, with a specific truck capacity limit. If a driver cannot proceed with the pickup, they may cancel the booking up to two hours before the scheduled time and select a new booking time when they are available again,” said Mr. Yuttana.

“TAGO’s container pickup booking system is designed similarly to a cinema’s ticket booking system. Customers can check the TAGO application to find available time slots that match their schedule for picking up containers. Once the most suitable time slot is selected, they can proceed with the booking and complete the process smoothly,” Ms. Natnicha added. “After customers provide their objectives and required information, TAGO sends the data to the back office of the container yard. This information includes details about container type, pickup time, and which truck driver will proceed to pick up the container. This helps the yard prepare for operations and rotate containers more efficiently. The container yard then receives a QR code allowing truck drivers to scan for operating activities within the yard. At the same time, they send a QR payment to the transport providers, allowing them to make payments online. With this process in place, all container pickup bookings can be completed quickly and efficiently.”

Efficiency Proven

TAGO launched a beta test service in October 2023 and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both container yard operators and container transport providers. The company has now fully launched the platform and has seen a steady user increase.

Mr. Yuttana said, “The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive. One of our key users, Siam Depot and Transport Co, LTD (Siam Depot), has been particularly impressed with the significant reduction in problems within the container yard. This includes eliminating major traffic congestion caused by long waiting lines of trucks at the gate. Additionally, the automatic booking and QR code scanning system on the TAGO application has significantly increased efficiency, speed, and convenience for users. They can now check their balance and make service payments effortlessly, quickly, and accurately. The system also allows for direct income transfer into the container yard’s bank account.”

TAGO has more than 10,000 user accounts on its platform, including important customers like Siam Depot, as well as transport providers and container yards. This proves the efficiency of the TAGO platform.

Using TAGO’s platform will increase efficiency, speed up container rotation, and increase income for container yards. Each time a truck uses the TAGO platform, the container yard will receive a share of the service charge. Transport providers will benefit from the platform’s convenience, speed, and efficiency, which will reduce costs and provide more business opportunities.

TAGO Express has a team dedicated to supporting and advising customers who want to use the platform for operational efficiency. They will help analyze and solve problems during container yard operations and help customers use the platform efficiently. If the container yard already has an operational support system, TAGO Express can create an API to help connect the data and work with the TAGO platform seamlessly. If the container yard does not have an operational support system, TAGO Express can provide full system and solution management services.

Moving Forward

“As a leading system and digital platforms developer for logistics industries, Gram Software Solution and TAGO Express are dedicated to expanding the TAGO platform service to a wider range of users across all industry segments. We are committed to partnering with every entrepreneur through digital solutions while providing full support and guidance. We aim to transform our partner companies’ businesses by enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, minimizing pollution, and developing the potential of Thailand’s transport and logistics industries to move forward sustainably.” Mr. Yuttana concluded.

Mr. Boonprom Lapsawasdi, Manager, Siam Depot

Customer Testimonial
“With over 25 years of experience in container yard management, Siam Depot always prioritizes the convenience, speed, and quality of our customer service. We understand the importance of accuracy, especially when it comes to mobility. Our goal is to provide pick-up container operators with fast and efficient service while also preventing time and traffic congestion problems that are common in container yards.
That’s where TAGO comes in. By reducing the document processes for truck drivers and allowing them to scan a QR code and verify within only one minute, they can operate within the container yard with ease. The advanced booking system and sorted booking system also help us manage our customer service time effectively, preventing trucks from roaming aimlessly and wasting time and fuel.
We found that using the TAGO platform was much easier than we anticipated, as TAGO Express sent a team to support the system usage on location. With their help, we were able to instruct truck drivers on how to use TAGO fluently within a short period of time, which greatly benefited our operation.
After beta testing TAGO in our container yard for several months, Siam Depot has decided to fully utilize the platform since 15th January. We believe that this will greatly increase the efficiency of our service and operation within the container yard. We invite other container yards to open up and use this TAGO platform to enhance Thailand’s container yard services in total.”

TAGO is available to download now on App Store and Play Store
*For container yard operators interested in TAGO, please contact:
TAGO Express CO., LTD.
Address: 52, 4th floor, Soi Bangna – Trad 25, Khwaeng Bang Na Nuea, Bang Na District, Bangkok 10260
LINE: @tagoexpress
Telephone: 099 – 456 – 9352

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