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Perishable goods, whether chilled cargo like vegetables and fruits or frozen cargo like frozen meats, require meticulous transportation. As for delivering sensitive-temperature cargo with refrigerated containers (reefers), even minor errors during transportation can result in spoilage.

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) placed Thailand at the forefront of perishable exporters, highlighting the significant volume of frozen chicken, seafood, and chilled fruits and vegetables exported from Thailand. Therefore, MSC is pleased to introduce a comprehensive temperature-controlled cargo transportation solution for perishable goods, with expertise from the MSC team.

Secure Cargo Quality with Modern Refrigerated Containers

Perishable goods require consistent temperatures during transportation. MSC’s refrigerated containers are the perfect choice, equipped with advanced technology to control temperature, air conditions, humidity, and ventilation. This ensures your goods’ freshness and that they are in good condition until reaching their destination.

As perishable goods require precise temperature control to maintain quality, MSC’s reefer fleet is equipped with standardized temperature control systems, including Cold Treatment (CT) and Controlled-Atmosphere (CA) features. Cold Treatment is a chemical-free technology used to disinfect fruit and protect it from pests, ensuring it remains in perfect condition. Controlled Atmosphere is recommended for sensitive fruits and vegetables, as it controls the interior atmosphere to delay respiration and extend shelf life. These features ensure that your goods arrive safely and maintain their quality under all circumstances.

Comprehensive Services from Origin to Destination

MSC’s temperature-controlled cargo transportation solution comes with comprehensive services from origin to destination, convincing customers that choosing MSC’s solutions is worthwhile. We offer complete multimodal transportation services connecting land and sea without hassle, ensuring customers receive a quality experience. Prioritizing safety and temperature control throughout transportation by our experts, customers can rest at ease knowing that the cargo will be handled carefully and arrive in high-quality condition. Furthermore, we are committed to providing the best service to ensure customer satisfaction.

For exporters, MSC currently offers temperature-controlled cargo transportation services, including services connecting Thailand to various destinations on intra-Asia routes, such as:

  1. KAGUYA service calling at ports of Manila North, Manila South, Busan, Tokyo, Kobe, Osaka, and Hakata
  2. SEAGULL service calling at ports of Shanghai, Ningbo, and Xiamen
  3. PERTIWI service calling at the ports of Panjang, Jakarta, and Incheon
  4. SEAHORSE service calling at ports of Klang (Westports) and Surabaya

Additionally, MSC also offers temperature-controlled cargo transportation services between Thailand and the United States, such as SENTOSA (USWC) calling at the Port of Long Beach and Oakland, and ELEPHANT (USEC) service calling at the Port of New York, Norfolk, and Savannah. This includes services connecting Thailand to Europe, such as GRIFFIN service calling at Felixstowe and Le Havre.

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