By harnessing the diverse expertise of its team, Sahathai Terminal enhances its extensive terminal and total logistics solutions, ensuring a highly responsive approach to meet the specific needs of its valued customers.

With a long-standing reputation for delivering exceptional service, Sahathai Terminal is committed to ongoing service expansion, aiming to provide a diverse range of transportation services that are not only comprehensive but also adhere to international standards. The company achieves this through collaboration with several affiliated companies, including Bangkok Barge Terminal, Bangkok Barge Service, Bangkok Container Depot Service, and Bangkok Trucking Service. As a result of these partnerships, Sahathai Terminal has earned recognition as a premier provider along the Chao Phraya River.
In this edition of LM, we had the privilege of speaking with key representatives from Sahathai Terminal Company, including Ms. Minrawi Phodee, Chief Commercial Officer, and Ms. Supaporn Tharaksa, Senior Logistics Manager. We also spoke with Mr. Thanakorn Itthipongmethee, General Manager of Bangkok Barge Terminal Company, and Mr. Kamol Sajja, Bangkok Trucking Service Company General Manager. During these discussions, the executives delved into the comprehensive logistics solutions and service approach Sahathai Terminal and its affiliates offer. They also shed light on the unique strengths of each company’s services and provided insights into their future business plans.

Sahathai Terminal

Ms. Minrawi Phodee, Chief Commercial Officer of Sahathai Terminal Company

As a prominent operator of private river ports along the Chao Phraya, the company continues to develop new services and enhance existing ones. It aims to consistently provide the highest quality of services from the company and its affiliated entities.

Ms. Minrawi emphasized, “The Sahathai Terminal’s primary emphasis is delivering top-notch service to our valued customers. We aim to consistently provide excellent service that aligns closely with our customers’ needs. We stand ready to support and assist our customers in resolving any challenges related to import-export and transportation operations, ensuring seamless and cost-effective solutions while striving for utmost customer satisfaction.”

In addition to enhancing service quality to meet the demands of its domestic clientele, Sahathai Terminal has also elevated its service standards to become a prominent international port. The company has laid out expansion plans for cross-border transport services, facilitating the efficient movement of goods for Asian customers. Ms. Minrawi further mentioned, “In 2024, the company has set ambitious objectives for port services and related offerings to bolster and assist importers-exporters and shipping lines. These services encompass port facilities, bonded warehouses, free zones, trucking services, and more. Our focus extends to customers across various regions, including China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and India, who seek to import or export their products to the heart of Thailand’s capital.”

Sahathai Terminal’s Sale Teams

Freight & Customer Service

Ms. Supaporn Tharaksa, Senior Logistics Manager of Sahathai Terminal Company

Currently, global markets, including Thailand, have witnessed a surge in the demand for logistics services. Consequently, companies capable of promptly addressing challenges, delivering cost-effective solutions, and enhancing customer convenience in the transportation and logistics sector gain a distinct advantage. Recognizing this opportunity, Sahathai Terminal Company has expanded its business by introducing the Freight & Customer Service unit. This freight forwarding service places a strong emphasis on comprehensive international shipping management. Leveraging a team with extensive experience, Sahathai Terminal boasts profound insights into the intricacies of logistics processes across the entire supply chain. Currently, Sahathai Terminal extends its cargo transportation services to and from four key trade routes, encompassing the United States, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Asia.
Ms. Supaporn explained, “We introduced Freight & Customer Service to respond to the growing market demand, especially regarding cross-border port routes to various countries. Furthermore, we aim to facilitate the growth of sales opportunities on diverse shipping routes, attracting various shipping lines. Leveraging our insight into the operational processes of ports, depots, and warehouses, we can oversee the entire logistics landscape, ensuring the seamless transportation of goods. Our service solutions are tailored precisely to meet our customers’ requirements. Additionally, our customers can also leverage the advantages offered by Sahathai Terminal’s subsidiaries and partners, including Bangkok Barge Terminal (BBT) and Bangkok Trucking Service (BTS).”
Given Sahathai Terminal’s focus, which lies primarily on offering international freight services, the principal objective for the company’s latest addition in the upcoming year is to forge additional international partnerships. This strategic move aims to broaden the company’s operational footprint and establish a more robust cross-border freight transport network. Anticipating such developments, it expects that import and export transportation rates will exhibit an annual growth of 20-30 percent.

Bangkok Container Depot Service (BCDS)

Bangkok Container Depot Service (BCDS) operates as an empty container depot service provider under the umbrella of Sahathai Terminal. Situated on Pu Chao Saming Phrai Road near the Industrial Ring Road and the Bhumibol Bridge, BCDS stands out as one of the most extensive storage facilities. It is conveniently located and offers the closest access to the heart of Bangkok.
The depot specializes in various services, including container condition checks, cleaning, maintenance, repair, and upgrades. These services are readily available to serve not only Sahathai Terminal’s customers but also clients from nearby ports.
Ms. Minrawi said, “Strategically situated near both the Bangkok Port and river ports, our empty container depot offers essential services that cater to the needs of our customers. This advantageous location has garnered positive feedback from our clients, leading to a notable increase in the volume of containers handled. In light of this, we plan to expand BCDS’ capacity further, enabling us to accommodate even more containers.”

Bangkok Barge Service (BBS)

In today’s landscape, there is a growing trend towards environmentally friendly container shipping. As a barge service provider, Bangkok Barge Service Company (BBS) is dedicated to continuously advancing its services. In the preceding year, BBS achieved a milestone by becoming the top service provider in Thailand, facilitating the transportation of over 500,000 TEU containers annually along domestic routes between Bangkok and Laem Chabang. Furthermore, BBS has expanded its reach to international markets, including neighboring countries within the CLMV region. This expansion is realized through a comprehensive, efficient, secure, and punctual fleet of barges.
As the General Manager of BBS, Ms. Minrawi revealed, “At BBS, we strive for precision, accuracy, and unwavering commitment to quality. This approach ensures the consistent and timely delivery of containers to their destination. This dedication to excellence has instilled trust in our customers and propelled us to become Thailand’s leading barge service provider. Furthermore, BBS strongly emphasizes sustainability and environmentally friendly logistics operations. To this end, our cargo ships are equipped with eco-friendly fuels, reducing carbon emissions in our operations.”
“Given the ongoing increase in container volumes, we are actively expanding our cross-border trade routes. This expansion will include an emphasis on facilitating the transportation of agricultural and consumer goods between Thailand and neighboring countries. These initiatives aim to fortify the services offered by Sahathai Terminal and BBS.”

Bangkok Barge Terminal (BBT)

Mr. Thanakorn Itthipongmethee, General Manager of Bangkok Barge Terminal Company

Bangkok Barge Terminal (BBT) not only functions as a barge terminal but also plays a crucial role in facilitating the transportation of containers from Bangkok and its vicinity to Laem Chabang Port. It serves as a container handling and loading station, officially recognized as a River Inland Container Depot by the Customs Department. This designation enables BBT to transport goods directly to Laem Chabang Port, offering customers an additional and efficient option for delivering containers with precision and expediency.

Moreover, the strategic location of BBT provides a hub for barge and trucking services, ensuring that trucks can operate around the clock. This advantage significantly enhances shipping times and grants customers greater flexibility in managing their supply chains.

“Thailand’s history of river connectivity has significantly driven its river transport to an international standard. This mode of transport not only proves cost-effective but also highly efficient for customers with substantial cargo volumes. In the upcoming year, our goal is to expand depot capacity to accommodate more than 180,000 TEU containers annually, in line with the continued growth in barge terminal operations,” said Mr. Thanakorn.

Bangkok Trucking Service (BTS)

Mr. Kamol Sajja (Left), General Manager and Ms.Thansita Kanaphongpatcharakul, (Right) Sale Manager of Bangkok Trucking Service Company

Bangkok Trucking Service (BTS), under the Sahathai Terminal Group, specializes in container transport truck services, facilitating the transportation of containers to and from the port. With its robust service network, BTS efficiently handles the transport of over 150,000 TEUs annually. It is a crucial component within Sahathai Terminal’s comprehensive one-stop service network.
Mr. Kamon emphasized, “Our work philosophy centers on delivering services that align with our customers’ needs, allowing them to customize their transportation solutions. We boast a team of experts who offer personalized guidance. We strictly adhere to the principle that ‘Customer’s KPI is our KPI,’ signifying our commitment to transporting goods punctually and in full accordance with all our customers’ specifications.”

“Furthermore, our company has seamlessly integrated GPS technology into our operations, enabling real-time cargo tracking for our customers. This commitment enhances transparency and maximizes operational efficiency,” stated the representative.
“The trucking services provided by BTS represent an integral component of Sahathai Terminal’s offerings. In response to our customers’ evolving needs, BTS is expanding its fleet capacity to provide comprehensive container door-to-door pick-up and multi-drop delivery services, with an eye on supporting the burgeoning e-commerce market soon. Furthermore, we are extending our service area around Laem Chabang Port to cater to customers within the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) region.”

The company’s enduring success has been predicated on its commitment to influence the logistics industry. The ongoing development of Sahathai Terminal, coupled with the expertise of the dedicated sales team and other collaborative departments, has empowered the company to reach significant milestones. This collective effort positions Sahathai Terminal well for a future marked by stability and sustainability as it enters the next decade.

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