Each day, an overabundance of containers is being transported in-and-out of ports and terminals to be further distributed around the globe. As container volumes rise year on year, so too do the management costs due to factors like time and operational expenses. Hence, it is crucial to bring forth cutting-edge technologies to optimize productivity and increase competitive potential

However, most efficient technologies designed to support the logistics industry are developed outside of Thailand, which causes an import expense. Moreover, it is quite troublesome for overseas developers to provide support and system improvements as it takes more time and causes more expenses.

Thus, we spoke with Mr. Piyawat Sangprasertkrid, Chief Marketing Officer of Verily Vision regarding the foundation of the technology company aimed at supporting the logistics industry in Thailand and the ASEAN region. We also discussed the company’s success in optimizing gate-in operations with the Container Truck Gate Automation at Sahathai Terminal.

Who is Verily Vision

Verily Vision is a Thailand-based Digital Logistics Solution company, proficient in Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision, and the Internet of Things. Founded in 2016, Verily Vision started its business to become a Thai technology firm that offers efficiency and international standards, to help drive the logistics business in Thailand and the ASEAN region towards the digital age.

“With Thailand’s locale at the center of the ASEAN region, we realized that the logistics industry is crucial to trade facilitation and is the drive behind Thailand’s economy” said Mr. Sangprasertkrid. 

Mr. Piyawat Sangprasertkrid, Chief Marketing Officer of Verily Vision

“Although the logistics industry has a high demand for advanced innovations to extend its competitive potential, we are still lacking support for efficient technological development in Thailand. Therefore, it is inevitable to import such technologies from overseas,” he continued.

“The downside of importing technologies is that there is no proper operational support, no appropriate applications for the nature of each businesses’ operations, and developers do not have an understanding for overseas users’ demands. Effectively, businesses will not have a chance to utilize such technologies to their full capacity.”

“We, as a Thai company, experienced in integrating technologies to businesses in the logistics industry such as ports and terminals, warehouses, and industrial factories, have a determination to fill out the gaps and offer the solution to the Thai logistics industry. We are closely cooperating with each business and coordinating with them in terms of problem analysis and operational design which aims to enable the integrated technology’s full potential. Our goal is to offer businesses an efficient and measurable result worth their investment, which includes equipment installation and technical support,” he said.

“We are also determined to prove that a Thai technology company can be the drive behind the logistics industry with high-quality technologies, under the same operational standards as leading companies around the globe,” he added.

Container Truck Gate Automation Project with Sahathai Terminal

Sahathai Terminal was established in 2008 and has since strived to become a leading end-to-end logistics service provider with the ability to respond to every customers’ needs while pushing the competitive potential of Thai businesses in global trade. Today, Sahathai Terminal handles over 500,000 TEUs per year.

With its continually growing cargo volumes, Sahathai Terminal sought after technology that could help optimize its management, enhance its competitiveness, and enable it to offer customers the best service in the market. After a discussion between Sahathai and Verily Vision regarding the Terminal’s desire to optimize its operations, executives of Sahathai recognized the Company’s potential and trusted them to proceed with the Container Truck Gate Automation implementation project at the Terminal’s gate

The Container Truck Gate Automation system utilizes Deep Learning Computer Vision (OCR) technology for automatic verification and recording trucks’ license plates via CCTV at the Terminal’s gate-ins

The gate-in process for Sahathai Terminal used to be operated by the Terminal’s officers. When a truck arrived at the gate, field officers would write down the truck’s information and take a photo of the truck. Then, the officer would pass on the recorded information to the Booth Gate officer. The information would then be submitted to the Terminal’s Operating System (TOS) and external systems such as the Customs’ E-Matching system. Next, the information would be verified and matched with the database system. Such a process requires time, so integrating the Container Truck Gate Automation brings more safety and efficiency to the operation.

Installation of Container Truck Gate Automation

In the Container Truck Gate Automation implementation project, Verily Vision has installed equipment and essential software for the truck verification process at Sahathai Terminal’s gate-ins, including:    

  • Container Number Recognition Module
  • Truck License Plate Recognition Module
  • Container Image Capture Module
  • Truck License Plate Capture Module
  • Booth gate Monitoring System and Report
  • In-Lane Display Screen System
  • System Integration with TOS
  • And five installed CCTVs at each truck lane

All of the software and equipment was implemented in the original infrastructure of Sahathai Terminal without any additional construction, resulting in a fast installation which helped to reduce the optimization cost greatly.

Once the installation was completed, all software and equipment received an optimal calibration, and its actual operating efficiency was then measured by an experienced engineer and the Terminal’s information team to make certain of the technology’s full capacity under the actual operating environment of Sahathai Terminal.

The New Automation

With the Container Truck Gate Automation, as soon as the truck arrives at the container examination gate, CCTV takes pictures of the container from every angle. Then, the system processes and records the container numbers as well as the truck’s license plate in the database connected to the TOS system to verify the truck. The officer’s handwritten process is no longer necessary and effectively, the processing time is now reduced greatly. This helped Sahathai Terminal to achieve a truck turnaround time ​of 30 minutes per one truck.

The newly installed system also helped elevate the Terminal’s safety standards, with a 24/7 surveillance system at gate-ins, which is part of the crucial technological advancements required for Sahathai Terminal to become a digital terminal, according to its developing strategy and its goal to become an end-to-end logistics service provider by 2025.

คุณทวีชัย ครุจิตร ผู้ช่วยประธานเจ้าหน้าที่บริหาร บริษัท สหไทย เทอร์มินัล จำกัด (มหาชน)

“We have set two goals upon this collaboration project; the first goal was to develop a safe and efficient system to offer to Sahathai’s customers. The second goal was to cooperate with a Thai startup company to support Thai talent and ignite innovative development in the country,” said Mr. Taveechai Karuchit, Assistant to the CEO of Sahathai Terminal Public Co., Ltd.  

“Verily Vision has proven to be a great business partner, and the Container Truck Gate Automation has demonstrated the solution for operational optimization in the logistics industry,” he added.  

The Right Partner for Digital Transformation

The transition to the digital age presents a good opportunity for businesses in the logistics industry. To enhance businesses’ competitiveness with cutting edge technology has become essential in terms of operations, budget management, and safety standards.  

With diverse experience in the logistics industry, combined with technological expertise, Verily Vision is determined to offer a smooth transition towards the digital age under various demands and conditions. Advanced technology and measurable results are what Verily Vision aims to provide.

To learn more about the Container Truck Gate Automation project, visit www.verilyvision.com or contact piyawat.s@verilyvision.com

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