Technological innovation plays a big part in the ocean freight industry today, as it allows many service providers to seamlessly operate through easy and convenient steps; communicating, capacity booking, customs clearance, and payment.   

To learn more about technological enhancement within today’s ocean freight industry, we spoke with Ms. Porama Najumroen, General Manager of Administration, Mr. Kasem Detudomcharoenchai, Information Technology Manager of TIPS, and Mr. Chayapat Ratanasil, TIP’s Operation Division Manager, in regards to the TIPS Customer Service application, which is aimed at offering convenience to their valuable customers. 

The Mobile Application

As the world pushes itself towards the digital era, TIPS; a port operator stationed at Terminal B4, Laem Chabang Port, are propelling themselves forward with the TIPS Customer Service application, which is available on the Google Play Store. Supporting mobile phones with an android 4.0 operation system or higher, customers are able to check cargo exporting and importing statuses, as well as coastal and international vessel schedules, weather conditions, or any activities related to TIPS with a slight touch from their fingers. 

In the past, services information was only available via telephones or faxes. Now, Tips are allowing customers to reach them through more communication platforms, including their website ( and their latest TIPS Customer Service contact portal. 

Mr. Kasem Detudomcharoenchai, Information Technology Manager of TIPS

“TIPS Customer Service resembles our efforts in driving towards a digital age. We have been working very hard to deliver a high-quality application for our customers’ convenience,” said Mr. Detudomcharoenchai.

“The application has many distinctive abilities, such as updating the status of containers in TIPS’ B4 Terminal and TIPS’ CD1 warehouse by tracking their serial numbers, booking numbers, or bill of lading numbers, as well as checking Lift on/off payment,” Mr. Ratanasil added.

“When the status of a container is checked via its serial number, the application will provide detailed information of the container from the ocean carrier who owns the container, including the container type, loading and discharging times, and more,” he continued.  

“Such information is very useful to our customers, especially ocean carriers or freight forwarders who frequently follow container status for their customers. Recommending TIPS Customer Service to customers offers them a convenient way of tracking their shipment. In addition, LCL containers in the B4 Terminal are able to be tracked at all times.”

Continual Advancement

Although the TIPS Customer Service application is already offering convenience to users, TIPS are continuously improving their innovation with a plan to develop the application to support more operating systems and add more functions in the near future. 

Ms. Porama Najumroen, General Manager of Administration

In addition to their mobile phone application, TIPS are also reinforcing their digital services with their Line Official account. “It is a preconceived notion that the Line application is very prominent in Thailand. With over 40 million users, we have recognized that Line Official has the potential to optimize our services and offer satisfaction to our customers,” Ms. Najumroen explained.

“Customers are able to follow cargo or container status in the B4 Terminal and estimate operating costs via the Line application on their mobile phones. This is one of our alternative ways to offer convenience to our customers,” she added.  

Towards the Future

As the growth of information technology evolves exponentially, companies must be able to creatively adapt and utilize these advancements to achieve maximum benefits. By adopting contemporary IT systems for the benefit of their customers, TIPS are pleased to present their forward-looking vision, which is helping them to elevate their quality standards.  

TIPS Mobile Application User Guide

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