MOL Introduces MOL COILPORTER for Steel Coil Container Transport


Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) have announced the joint development of the MOL COILPORTER—an innovative new way to secure steel coils during container transport—along with MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd. (MOL Tech).

The MOL COILPORTER is the new cradle used to lash steel coils, an essential material for automobile manufacturing and other industries, to ensure safer containerized transport. Mitsui O.S.K. Kinkai, Ltd., which offers transport service for steel materials, Utoc Corporation, and MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd. shared customers’ requests with the development team to aid in developing a creative approach and address every detail during the development of the MOL COILPORTER.

Differences from the conventional lashing are as follows:

 Conventional lashingMOL COILPORTER
Assembly/ LoadingAbout 1 hour by two skilled carpenters.
Manually carry and construct with square timbers weighing 150~200㎏.
Special equipment is required to load into the inner depths of the container.
About 3 minutes per cradle even with inexperienced workers.
Maximum weight of Eperan is about 3kg/part.The cargo can be pushed into the container for loading, and no special equipment is required.
Disassembly/ UnloadingRequires time-consuming dismantling work.
Special equipment is required to unload the coils from deep inside the container.
Easy to dismantle thanks to assembly kit.The cargo can be pulled out for unloading, and no special equipment is required.
ResiliencySquare timbers are in direct contact with coils, subjecting the cargo to risk of damage.High resiliency reduces risk of cargo damage.
Environmental impactTimbers are discarded after dismantled at the unloading operation.Reusable and recyclable, ensuring more effective use of resources.

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