Port of Hamburg Remains in Service

port of hamburg

On March 13, the German Federal Government announced specific measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. At the same time, the German Chancellor called on important industrial sectors – including the ports – to continue their operations. The Mayor of Hamburg has personally stressed to the management of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) the utmost importance of the port, especially in these times, as a central economic and logistical hub.

The Port of Hamburg, and especially the HPA, accepts its responsibility and makes it a top priority for their port to remain fully operational in the best interest of the general public.

The Port says they are actively undertaking various measures to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. As always, all arriving ships must submit a Maritime Health Declaration (MDH) at least 24 hours before calling at the port with information on whether there is any disease or indications of disease on board. If there are indications of disease, then the ship is inspected by Hamburg Port Health Center before entering the Port of Hamburg.

All events of the Port of Hamburg that are not absolutely necessary have been or will be called off. In this respect, a series of specific inspections and determinations will take place. Hence, visitors, for example, will only be allowed to access critical work locations at the port if this is absolutely necessary.

The Port of Hamburg is of crucial importance, especially in these times, as the main driving force of the economy and of supply not only for our country but for all of Europe. The Port says they are sure that we can all deal with these difficult moments together and emerge from them even stronger than before.

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