COSCO SHIPPING Logistics and Supply Chain Management Provides Innovative Shipping Solutions for Oversize Freight Transportation

COSCO SHIPPING Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Over the past few years, COSCO SHIPPING Logistics and Supply Chain Management, along with its affiliated organizations, carefully examined the properties of shipments and performed risk assessments throughout the transportation process to improve their service quality, particularly regarding the difficulties faced by customers when transporting heavy and oversize cargoes. To provide efficient and high-quality service solutions, the company established a long-term contact mechanism with customers emphasizing “one-on-one” communication. This ensures the safe, high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient transportation of oversized freight, thereby relieving customers of any concerns.

Penavico Shipping Logistics (Ningbo) recently set a new record in loading super-large and heavy equipment when the ship “RUN ZHOU 6” departed from the Port of Dalian carrying three unloaders and one loading machine.

The equipment, which included a ship unloader weighing 1,100 tons and measuring 85 meters long, 28.3 meters wide, and 57 meters high, presented a significant challenge due to its complex structure.

After receiving the customer’s commission, the company quickly set up a joint project team. Technical experts held meetings to discuss the loading machine’s loading and unloading scheme, which was unsuitable for ro-ro shipment. They carefully analyzed the specifications, designed and demonstrated highly technical safe transportation data, and their previous operating experience. After dividing the equipment into two parts for loading from the ship stern and side, they finally adopted a ro-ro loading scheme that effectively ensured cargo loading and unloading safety.

Under the joint efforts of all parties, the project team successfully completed five loading tasks within six days, despite numerous difficulties and challenges, and provided scientific, efficient and high-quality service recognized by all parties involved.

Recently, the bulk carrier “AFRICAN SISTERS”, currently sailing under the flag of Panama for Penavico Fujian (Zhangzhou), left Berth No. 5 at Zhangzhou CMG Terminal for Antofagasta, Chile, with 13 sets of wind power tower barrels on board.

To ensure a smooth export process for the equipment, the company formed a professional project team consisting of personnel with wind power equipment operation experience. This team communicated with the customer, terminal and shipowners well in advance, leveraging their professional expertise to determine terminal storage plans and create terminal storage charts based on the vessel stowage plan. During the goods congregation at the port, dedicated personnel were assigned to contact the customs and terminal 24/7 to ensure the goods were cleared upon arrival and that there was a seamless connection between cargo congregation, export declaration and cargo loading.

The Tai’an Branch of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics (Qingdao) recently completed a transportation undertaking involving exporting 38-ton oversized equipment from the Port of Tianjin. This project has established a new transportation method for oversize goods exportation while simultaneously enabling the client to open up a novel logistics channel to South America.

Given the operational difficulties that arose due to the equipment’s ultra-high and ultra-wide dimensions, the company gathered its business backbone to form a specialized team that conducted multiple on-site inspections of the goods and engaged in frequent discussions with the client regarding specific packing and shipping details. The team tackled the shipping difficulties, from the positioning of lifting points to handling vehicle transportation licenses for large cargo, and developed a meticulous package reinforcement scheme and customized logistics transportation solutions that successfully completed the transportation mission.

In a recent attempt to explore deeper into the market, COSCO SHIPPING Logistics (Nantong) secured a bid to oversee a DAP transportation project, which involved the exportation of air compressors to Thailand for a new client. The company delivered the first batch of equipment to the destination with professional, fast, and cost-effective logistics solutions.

When the equipment was packed and ready for shipment, there was a temporary traffic control at the factory location, which caused some oversized goods to be unable to be shipped as planned. Upon discovering this issue, the project team collaborated with the warehouse to prepare for a delayed delivery. Meanwhile, the team contacted the manufacturer and leveraged their extensive experience transporting large equipment to integrate resources from various parties. As a result, the equipment was successfully transported to the designated warehouse for cargo congregation before the deadline.

Moreover, as the shipping date was approaching, the customer unexpectedly requested to apply for an ASEAN-China Free Trade Area Preferential Tariff Certificate of Origin (FORM E), as they lacked any commodity inspection record and it was their first time engaging in export business. The project team promptly responded to assist the customer with online declaration and prepared all the necessary materials for certificate application. With the efficient cooperation of all parties involved, the certificate was issued on the day of departure and sent to Thailand. This allowed the consignee at the destination to apply for subsequent tariff reduction and exemption, ensuring the customer’s production and operation stability.

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