MSC Reports Another Successful Year for its Reefer Cargo Services

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Shipping over 1.9 million refrigerated containers (also known as ‘reefer’) in 2020 alone, topping its previous record of 1.8 million in 2019, MSC continues to successfully sail the seas bringing fresh produce to consumers around the world.

A world leader in reefer cargo services

2020 was another successful year for MSC’s reefer services as we battled through the COVID pandemic to continue to deliver essential foods and medicines. Being a world leader in refrigerated transport solutions, MSC operates one of the world’s largest and most advanced reefer container fleets: in 2020, MSC shipped a record 1.9 million reefer containers.

But what exactly are reefers and what products do they transport?

Reefers are continuously-powered, temperature-controlled containers that keep perishable products and temperature-sensitive cargo fresh for the entire journey — from truck, to train, to barge, to ship and every step in between. They’re how we keep food safe and in top quality condition over long distances.

Growing demand

Global demand for fresh fruit has grown by as much as 40% over the last decade. This was further intensified in 2020 by greater demand for immunity boosting foods rich in vitamin C, such as fresh fruit, as part of a growing trend in personal health and nutrition, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

To meet increased demand for reefer cargo service in existing and new destinations worldwide, MSC has been expanding its reefer fleet for temperature-sensitive cargo, notably by adding 15,000 Star Cool units in 2020.

Further developments in MSC’s services can be found in its Gülsün Class container ships. Thanks to their improved design and larger size, these giant ocean-going vessels are able to carry over 2,000 additional reefer containers than the previous generation. The increased capacity has helped service the high volumes of trade activity between Europe and Asia, boosting the trade of food, drinks, pharmaceuticals and other chilled and frozen products.

“Reefer containers and temperature-controlled solutions have gained popularity over the course of 2020. At MSC, our customers remain our top priority, and we’re glad that we’ve been able to keep their reefer operations functioning amid the pandemic. The growing demand has also opened up new market possibilities, which we have been able to support thanks to our continual investment in the best technologies for refrigerated transport solutions.” explains Giuseppe Prudente, MSC Global Chief Logistics Officer.

In 2020, MSC made the first-ever shipment of Chilean clementines to Hong Kong, connecting Asia and Latin America via its INCA Service. Shortly after, MSC successfully delivered the first-ever shipment of avocados from Colombia to China, a journey made possible through MSC’s advanced reefer technology.

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