Leschaco selects WAVE BL to power its all-digital House Bills of Lading


Taking another step forward in a trend that has been transforming the shipping industry, Leschaco, a global logistics service provider with more than 140 years of experience, has decided to digitize its House Bill of Lading (HBL) transactions. To do so, it has partnered with WAVE BL, a leading provider of secure digital document solutions.

In a typical digital HBL transaction, Leschaco receives a Master Bill of Lading (MBL) on the WAVE BL platform and then issues multiple House Bills of Lading (HBLs) to each exporter in the transaction. These, in turn, receive their HBLs and transfer possession to the importers. Each importer surrenders its HBL to Leschaco, and Leschaco surrenders the MBL.

Because each eBL transfer is performed digitally within minutes on the WAVE BL platform, entire document transactions can be completed in hours rather than the multiple weeks that paper-based transactions can require. Part of these transactions’ simplicity stems from the fact that WAVE BL allows all parties to connect on a single, unified network.

Leschaco’s move to digital BLs was prompted by the unreliable nature of paper BLs, particularly during periods of instability. Courier delays had been holding up cargo releases and financing processes, and the tendency of paper BLs to be lost or misplaced had long been a pain point for customers. In adopting WAVE BL’s electronic BLs, Leschaco was able to eliminate these inefficiencies as well as benefit from WAVE BL’s anti-fraud safeguards and outstanding customer experience.

Digitization is rapidly transforming the global shipping industry. Leschaco’s pioneering use of electronic House Bills of Lading – one of the first in the industry – demonstrates how digitization can replace every type of paper-based communication.

WAVE BL’s CEO, Noam Rosenfeld, adds: “Leschaco’s use of electronic HBLs is an exciting milestone. Digital is the direction the industry is going in, and we’re proud to offer a solution that’s easy to use and tailored to the industry’s needs. One of our top priorities is making the transition to eBLs as easy as possible, with full support along every step of the way.” Constantin Conrad, CDO of the Leschaco Group, added: “Fast and secure transport of commercial documents is an essential part of the supply chain. Digitalization is becoming more and more important. Leschaco was therefore looking for a digital solution and selected WAVE BL as our provider. The Leschaco eBL solution will increase our customer satisfaction and make our documentation more efficient and sustainable.”

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