Kuehne+Nagel Drives with Solar Energy to Lower CO2 Emissions

Kuehne+Nagel Solar Energy CO2 Emissions

With the goal of creating more sustainable supply chain solutions, Kuehne+Nagel is determined to reduce CO2 emissions in the Netherlands by installing photovoltaics on top of their trucks. The solar panels will reduce fuel consumption by up to 1,200 liters per year, per vehicle, lowering CO2 emission per truck by 3.8 tons annually. Traditionally, trucks consume a large amount of electricity, but with the installation of the photovoltaic on each truck, a decrease of fuel consumption will be greatly significant. Furthermore, an integrated solar management system also allows the charging of electric appliances such as phones and computers, powering the air-conditioning within the truck cabin and the tail lift, which is needed for loading and unloading.

Additionally, the driver can measure how much solar electricity has been delivered to the vehicle by the solar panels and how much per activity is consumed. During the summer months, with more sun, the fuel consumption is even lower.

Mr René van den Akker, Kuehne+Nagel National Manager of Road Logistics, Benelux says, “As a leading logistics provider, we are focused on developing solutions that decarbonize our industry and create sustainable supply chains. By applying technical innovations, we can contribute to supporting healthier environments.”

The solar technology used on Kuehne+Nagel’s trucks was developed by IM Efficiency, a solar innovation company for vehicles, based in the Netherlands.

Mr Martijn Ildiz, IM Efficiency CEO, says, “At IM Efficiency, we are proud to support Kuehne+Nagel’s commitment to the Science Based Target initiative to reduce CO2 emissions. By providing a sustainable solution to reduce fuel consumption of trucks with SolarOnTop, we are supporting the transition to fully sustainable road transportation in the future.”

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