Global Ports Forum Executive Workshop, Singapore

Executive Workshop on Use of Technology for Ports and Terminals, 27-28 Oct 2016

Key learning outcomes

Review of developments in:

  • Shipping trends and its impact on ports
  • issues facing port and terminal operators
  • Understand the port operations processes
  • Understand the various factors that can improve efficiency
  • Appraise the impact of equipment and technology on productivity

About the course

Today’s ports and terminals cannot run without technology as it cannot serve the customers effectively. It is with this in mind that this 2-day course is aimed at providing a deep understanding of the subject matter. However, participants of this course need not be practitioners of IT as it covers the applications of technology and how it is used to improve efficiency in the port. It will commence with an analysis of current shipping trends that affects port development and operations. It will highlight the issues on terminal operations and delve into the various technologies that will uplift the productivity of the port and lead to more efficiency. Participants will understand in detail the various technologies and IT applications and how to apply them. They will also learn how to align technology to the business strategy, develop a technology masterplan, discuss the issues in implementation and strategies to implement a successful plan. Practical examples on applications in big and small ports will be given so that participants will have a better understanding. Throughout the sessions, real life examples will be given on big and small ports and discussed in detail. This will include PSA, MPA, Portek International, Gabon, Algeria, Sri Lanka and a port in Hong Kong. Participants will participate in exercises and analysis and provide solutions to case studies presented.

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27 October 2016 - 28 October 2016
All Day


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