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Asia’s Leading Logistics Providers Combine their Strength to Create Link Asia Logistics

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As CLMV countries (Cambodia, People’s Democratic Republic of Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam) have been rapidly advancing over the years, these countries are now demanding better logistics management within the Greater Mekong Sub region that’s more in-line with their growth. Three logistics service providers that provide services including cross-border, road freight, and ocean freight; have heard the call and have come together in collaboration to form an all-round freight forwarding and cross-border logistics service underneath the banner of the newly named Link Asia Logistics (LAL). This new collaboration is aimed at providing a range of services and support to customers within the region that wish to grow both rapidly and efficiently.

(From left to right): Mr. Tanate Piriyothinkul, Senior Vice President of JWD Group, Mr. Tasnan Tiewtranon, Vice President Operations of SriThai Group, Mr. Kachapon Harinsuit, Commercial Director of The Harinsuit Transport (Harin Transport), Mr. Charvanin Bunditkitsada, Chief Executive Officer of JWD Group.

In this issue of LM, we had the chance to speak to Mr. Tasnan Tiewtranon, Vice President Operations of SriThai Group, Mr. Charvanin Bunditkitsada, Chief Executive Officer of JWD Group, Mr. Tanate Piriyothinkul, Senior Vice President of JWD Group, and Mr. Kachapon Harinsuit, Commercial Director of The Harinsuit Transport (Harin Transport). The representatives of Link Asia Logistics (LAL)’s parent companies spoke to us about the origin and goal of their collaborated effort to serve customers with their combined freight forwarding and cross-border expertise.

LAL came about as a collaboration between three leading logistics service providers in Thailand, each bringing their own expertise and experience in servicing different industries to the table. The three parent companies include SriThai Group, JWD Group, and Harin Transport. LAL was formed with the intention of leveraging each company’s expertise to offer distinctive service advantages that answer various existing demands in the market, all while improving the Greater Mekong Sub region and ASEAN logistics service offering network.

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For example, SriThai Group lends its expertise in road freight, container depot, and international freight forwarding; while JWD Group is an all-round logistics service provider for automotive, chemicals, dangerous goods, food, and warehouse management and a free zone with great IT solutions. Harin Transport offers extensive experience in barge transportation, as well as naval architecture and maintenance.

“LAL was established with a goal of becoming the most complete freight forwarding and cross-border logistics service provider for challenging emerging markets. By joining the forces of the three parent companies, all of ASEAN will be served by three experts under one roof.”

“LAL serves many groups of client, such as exporters, importers, and other logistics service providers both locally and internationally. Not only do we offer both freight and cross-border logistics services, we also offer complete logistics and supply chain management solutions for CLMV countries to answer to any clients’ demand. No matter whether our clients are most concerned about the timeliness, cost or efficiency of a service; we are able to offer a solution that effectively stays true to their preference with our service network that covers all of ASEAN and CLMV countries”, said Mr. Tasnan.

A large advantage that LAL is able to leverage is that the parent companies’ coverage of service networks are already well established and available. This allows LAL the ability to assist its clients in accessing regional markets. Mr. Charvanin said, “LAL has a strong advantage. We are a logistics service provider who is equipped to serve various industries to a specialized degree.”

“We also have good knowledge and understanding of each country’s business culture, and have our extended network for road freight, ocean freight, air freight, as well as barge transportation and cross-border logistics rooted in CLMV countries to answer any of our clients’ needs.”

“We always try to look for ways to distinguish ourselves by being able cover any demand. By combining each of our expertise, we stand out as an all-in-one logistics service provider that our clients can trust to transport their cargo to any destination within CLMV countries, as well as all over ASEAN. We provide convenience and cut down the complicated processes in transporting cargo to and from different countries, and are able to reach any destination. This is what sets us apart from other service providers today and is the true purpose of Link Asia Logistics” said, Mr. Tanate.

Furthermore, Mr. Kachapon added “Although LAL’s management is free from being bound to any of its parent companies by independently representing itself on its own; the organization is still supported by its parent companies with their logistics structure and network. For example, LAL’s warehouse, container depot, land transport fleet, vessel fleet, and other service are all well supported and allows LAL to seamlessly serve its clients’ businesses.”

Importing, exporting, and cross-border transportation to emerging markets is still highly challenging due to insufficient infrastructure development, especially when it comes to an end-to-end transportation. However, through the vision and understanding of industrial and logistics needs, LAL is driving forward as a leading logistics service provider that is helping to innovate the ways in which they provide services to their clients, with the right solution in one well-rounded organization.

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