Connect Group Joins Forces for Greater Synergy and Strength

Connect Group Joins Forces for Greater Synergy and Strength
Phubet Boonrasri

Connect Group is integrating their strengths, proficiencies, and transport and logistics service experiences from all their affiliates to maximize its service quality. The groups goal is to promote Thailand’s import-export growth and to help open the door to a wider variety of global destinations with their comprehensive care and support.

With over three decades of experience in the world of transport and logistics at both the domestic and international level, Connect Group is marching forward to expand its footprint in both their services and service coverage. Each of their affiliates is proficient in a different sector, and by cooperating under the same umbrella, they have united their operations into one seamless stream of service that ultimately yields benefits to their customers.

Mr. Boonchai Thanamanosarn, CEO and Founder of Connect Group, shared with us further their industry experience in international transportation management, the group’s vision in strengthening their foundation and how they are expanding their business opportunities to better service their customers.

Strong Background

Connect Group was originally established from the vision of their founder to combine capable and experienced sea and air freight forwarders, logistics providers and land transportation service providers together under the concept ‘Connect Group, Connect for the Future’. The aim is to elevate Thai businesses higher to meet international standards via high-quality services that reflect the needs of customers of all sizes, from SMEs to cross-country operators, both domestic and internationally.

Connect Tower, the Group’s headquarters, is situated conveniently on Narathivas-Rachanakarin Road at the heart of Bangkok’s business district. With all of the affiliates under the same roof, management and operations are unified and streamlined. “Having our own office building makes our management much more agile and our operations more flexible since all the affiliates can easily cooperate and support each other. Our affiliates’ executives can also take advantage of being at the same location to associate with each other at their convenience, making it easier to determine the business direction and fostering the organic growth of the group in the overall big picture,” said Mr. Thanamanosarn.

Connect Group’s business arms are a combination of sea and air freight forwarders, logistics providers, box operators and land transportation service providers, including Harpers Sea Freight Co., Ltd., Alpine Logistics Co., Ltd., Sea & Aero Logistics Co., Ltd., Everrich Intertrade Co., Ltd., Freight Transit (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Connect Transport Co., Ltd., PRX Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., HPS Trade Co., Ltd and Connect Agencies.

Each affiliate brings to the table years of specialized experiences and services. Adept in their own field, they are able to respond to the customers’ need accordingly. Such strengths help them to comply with the essence of what their customers really want and they are better able to advise customers on the strengths, drawbacks, and opportunities available to them. “During our decisive expansion, one of the most important factors we considered was whom do we want to invite onboard and whom do we want to join with. We were seeking experienced and expert operators in the transportation industry. They also must be reliable and trustworthy, in order to boost the management and development of the organization. Each of our hand-picked affiliates are industry veterans who started and developed their career in their own fields such as freight forwarders, ocean carriers, and manufacturing. Simply put, Connect Group is an integration of high-profile specialists, with a variety of capabilities to support our customers,” Mr. Thanamanosarn said.

Continued Growth

Connect Group initiated and is continuing to expand their logistics and transportation services on Japanese and Asian trade routes. With over 30 years of operational experience, they have earned their market mastery and strong industry comrades whom are ready to join forces and seamlessly service their customers. They also expanded into North and South America during the last past two decades and continued broadening their territory to include the Indian-subcontinent, Middle-East, the Red Sea peninsula, Europe, the Pacific, and the Caribbean over the last 15 years. They also have a storied history with AEC logistics and transportation services.

The group’s direct experience in handling and servicing a wide variety of cargo, such as general cargo, temperature-controlled cargo, DG, pharmaceuticals, alcoholic beverages and more, has also connected their vast customer bases amongst each other and helped speed up the growth of their businesses.

Ambitious Plans

Connect Group provides logistics and transport management services for both import and export, and has recorded over a 100,000 TEUs handled annually, plus over 2,000 tons of air freight. Their 2019 goal is to achieve 20% business growth. Aiming to establish the Group’s affiliates in other countries by 2022, to increase service connectivity and emphasize the concept of ‘One Stop and Value-added Service’ with comprehensive services, optimum cost management, effective service practices that precisely reflect the needs of customers.

The 2019 outlook bodes a challenging year for Thailand. External factors such as the trade conflicts between the US and China, the lower purchasing power of the Middle-Eastern and the lingering threat of Brexit combined with internal political issues are affecting foreign confidence in Thailand’s stability. Connect Group, however, are ready to employ their combined strengths, experience and proficiencies to overcome the challenge and march ahead toward their optimum goal.

Connect Group

Mr. Boonchai Thanamanosarn, Managing Director, Harpers Sea Freight Co., Ltd / Chief Executive Officer, Connect Group

– Harpers Sea Freight Co., Ltd. was established in 1991, providing transport services including air, sea and land transportation to global destinations. Their specialties lie in volume shipment, reefer, and DG Cargo. With over 30 years of industry experience, they have in-depth knowledge in their operating markets and employs veteran specialists, together with a strong network of alliances both domestic and international.

Ms. Sirirat Wrigley, Managing Director, Alpine Logistics Co., Ltd

– A transport service provider specialized in DG Cargo, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, temperature-controlled food and medical products, food containers and DG Consolidation/de-consolidation, including normal cargo with over 20 years of industry experience. Their operations are conducted by specially trained DG specialists (IMO, IATA/ICAO, RID/ADR/AND) under cooperation with veteran alliances both domestic and international. The company has comprehensive destinations and modes of transportation, including land cross-border logistics. Their major operations are in North & South America, Indian sub-continent, Middle-East, China and AEC.

Mr. Surachai Pongpensuk, Managing Director, Sea & Aero Logistics Co., Ltd

– Sea & Aero Logistics has been providing transport management and services for over 14 years, covering Asian and US trade routes and other destinations all over the world. The company has a strong and comprehensive coverage network. They are strong in consolidation services, especially to and from Taiwan; and FCL services toward Taiwan and China, including destinations in Asia and the US. Their specialized cargos include agricultural products and electronics.

Under the helm of an executive with over 35 years of industry experience, Sea & Aero Logistics is also proficient in cross-border transportation. They offer a complete package of transportation, customs clearance, and documentation; whereas separate services can also be employed per customer demand.

Mr. Charnchai Thanamanosarn, Managing Director, Freight Transit (Thailand) Co., Ltd

– Bringing 20 years of ocean liners to experience into their services, and with a concentration on Thai – Middle East, Red Sea, Africa, India, and Bangladesh trade routes; Mr. Thanamanosarn is backed with a skilled and experienced team with strong customers’ relation. They routinely service over 500 TEUs of export volumes to India and Bangladesh monthly.

Mr. Virat Sangwattanatorn, Managing Director, Everrich Intertrade Co., Ltd

– Over a decade of servicing agricultural product transportation has made Everrich Intertrade one of the leading specialized temperature-controlled transport providers. Highly experienced and specialized in moving perishables and reefers products to destinations around the globe, with a keen specialty for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, China, the Middle East and more. They also allied with a wide variety of strong ocean liners and are trusted by many fruit and food exporters, serving all kinds of local Thai fruits, frozen and prepared poultry and other temperature-controlled products. Foodstuffs and processed agricultural products transported via normal container boxes are also served by the operator.

Mr. Yodsapol Maneetipsakul, Managing Director, Connect Transport

– Connect Transport was founded in accordance with the group’s vision to provide land transportation support to the group’s affiliates. Today, Connect Transport has organically expanded both in scope and size. They are accommodating both internal clients and general customers’ demand with 30% growth since their inception, with limitless opportunities for future growth. Such an expansion reflects their services reliability, especially in regard to on-time deliveries, responsibility, safety, and driver discipline.

Ms. Sirirat Wrigley, Managing Director, Connect Agencies

– Connect Agencies has been set up as a Box Operator serving shipping lines in the Middle East, Indian-subcontinent and Intra-Asia. They are actively seeking opportunities in emerging economic territories, especially for shippers looking to export into Thailand. They are also open to cooperate and/or partner with ocean carriers, cross-country corporations, and agencies looking to make their way into Thailand.

Mr. Kriengsak Likitlucha, Managing Director, HPS Trade Co., Ltd

Mr. Shinya Iino, Chief Executive Officer, HPS Trade Co., Ltd

– Mr. Likitlucha brings 10 years of ocean carrier experience combined with Mr. Shinya Iino’s skilled management and in-depth understanding of both Thai and Japanese culture. HPS Trade offers premium service packages to the industry, with a specialization in oversized cargo and machinery. The ability to thoroughly understand the needs of their customers and strong bondage with leading ocean carriers provides them the flexibility and optimum freight planning, both in capacity estimation and reservation for their customers. Their modern management style puts an emphasis on service quality, agility, and integrity. This coupled with their service timeliness and reliability has spring boarded the young HPS Trade forward towards more expansion.

Mr. Siri Ruchiravanich, Chief Executive Officer, PRX Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd

– PRX Logistics (Thailand) is a freight forwarder that has provided both air and sea freight transport services since 2016. With a customer service team available around the clock, the company has rapidly grown year over year, both in the servicing quantity, customer base and network of alliances.

On top of the executive’s decades of industry experience; the company pays attention to weave and strengthen their bonds with their global alliances in order to ensure that their customers will always receive smooth and seamless service. PRX Logistics is specialized in transporting production parts, electronic equipment, machinery, commodities, foodstuffs and medicine, DG goods and project cargo. Door – to – door service is also available for their customers.

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