City Zone Express Expands their Cross-border Expertise with own Presence in China

City Zone Express Expands their Cross-border Expertise with own Presence in China
Phubet Boonrasri

City Zone Express has expanded their successful cross-border transportation operations in response to customer needs with wider network coverage with the opening of new offices in Vietnam and China.

City Zone Express (CZE) has proven to be extremely successful with their cross-border road transportation services, connecting Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Over the last couple years, expansion under the name ‘Dragon Zone’ has been underway to further connect Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China. The initiative has been warmly welcomed by CZE clients resulting in a 100% growth in total servicing volume in 2018.

We spoke further with Mr. Bhanumas Wattanalapa, Director, City Zone Express (Thailand); Mr. Fu Bin (Fabien), Trade Advisor, City Zone Express (Shanghai); and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Huong (Rosie), Customer Service Officer, City Zone Asiatrans Vietnam to learn more about their expansion strategy and new business opportunities awaiting in China and Vietnam.

Strong Footprint

With over a decade of land transportation experience, CZE has built up their strength by amassing infrastructure that includes a fleet of over 200 trucks, company-owned offices in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and China, a sales agency in Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, and customs clearance service offices at every operating border. City Zone Express has organically grown to the point they are at today and are continually expanding their footprints into new markets.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Huong (Rosie)

Another strength of CZE is their outstanding safety, which benefits from modern operational support and security systems, including an Innovative Support System, Anti-Hijacking System, Auto Track Update GPS System, E-Lock System, Tracking and Status Reporting System, and several modern pieces of security equipment. Customers can rest assured that their cargo will be handled well and secure from start to finish under CZE’s care.

Ms. Rosie said, “We have a dedicated control room focused on monitoring every truck in our fleet. All of our trucks are also equipped with GPS and several security measures. A trucks status can be updated 24/7, and customers can be assured that their cargo will be delivered in a timely and safe manner.”

CZE’s standardized service puts a focus on security and on-time delivery. This helps them convert most of their first-timer’s users into regular customers. At the same time, the company is continually improving their network of services by extending their servicing routes and as well as opening new branches in China and Vietnam to better and more efficiently serve their local customers.

Mr. Fu Bin (Fabien)

Serving Growing Markets

“In 2018, we experienced a drastic gain of over 100% volume growth in both Door-To-Door and transit cargo; especially in our Thai-China and Thai-Vietnam trade route. For this reason, City Zone Express has decided to open a new office in Shanghai, China, under the name ‘City Zone Express (Shanghai) Pte Ltd’; and City Zone Asiatrans in Vietnam to better respond to the needs of customers, improve communications, and weave stronger bonds with our local customers,” said Mr. Watanalapa.

“The new branches will help to attract more customers in the region, such as manufacturing, energy, project and heavy-lift cargos, and intermediate cargos for assembly lines. CZE can also serve both manufacturers and freight forwarders.”

Mr. Fabien said, “Having our own office and staff in Shanghai help us to better connect and cooperate with manufacturers, importers, and exporters in China. More efficient communication also helps with picking up and delivering cargo. For both inbound and outbound cargo, we can ensure that all the necessary documentations are prepared, helping to prevent cargo from being held at the borders. This process can help to increase the overall lead-time.”

Mr. Bhanumas Wattanalapa

Continued Expansion

On top of an increase in service coverage by opening new branches, City Zone Express has also begun providing new services. In addition to the original full truckload (FTL) service, CZE is now providing less truckload (LTL) servicing route, originating from China via Vietnam, Laos, Thai, Malaysia, and terminating at Singapore. The fast-paced, door-to-door service boasts a full-length lead-time of only 7-8 days. Customers looking for a faster alternative and fewer loads per shipment should consider this new option.

In 2018, CZE has expanded their service comprehension into new territories to increase their servicing speed and capability. Mr. Watanalapa said, “We have expanded the coverage of our services, providing more alternatives to deliver to destinations faster. For instance, we offer more servicing routes via Cambodia, which means more choices of lead-time to ship to Ho Chi Minh City. At the Myawaddy border In Myanmar, we shifted to swapping containers instead of transshipping the cargo by off-loading from one truck to another. The new method helps to increase the speed and smoothness of the whole operation. We are now actively looking to expand our footprint into other new markets such as India.”

Their continual developments signifies City Zone Express’ determination to improve their quality of services all the while strengthening their relationship with local customers. CZE is aiming to provide high-quality services to ultimately becoming a solid connector between China and ASEAN to help expand business opportunities for their customers and to be a driving force for the region’s economic growth.

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