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Hyster Receives Grant to Develop Fuel Cell Powered Container Handler

Hyster Receives Grant to Develop Fuel Cell Powered Container Handler
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American manufacturing company specializing in forklifts and other materials-handling equipment, Hyster Company recently announced they had received a grant from California Climate Investments (CCI) to support the development of Nuvera® fuel cell powered zero-emissions container handling truck.

Hyster Company Vice President for Big Truck Sales Americas Region, Lyndle McCurley said, “The right power option for a truck will always depend on the specific operation, whereas the large lithium-ion battery is expected to suit those applications with a medium duty cycle where opportunity charging is possible, we anticipate the truck powered by a battery re-charged by an on board fuel cell will better suit the challenges of this particular end-user in the Port of L.A.”

The planned Hyster zero emissions top-loader with a fuel cell and lithium-ion battery have the ability to efficiently support a whole host of tasks and applications that require a higher power consumption along with heavy duty cycles. The truck is projected to operate for a full working day before having to refuel with hydrogen.

Hyster plans to provide customers with a choice of charging options for the container handler and the current model that is being devised is expected to utilize fully integrated wireless fast charging.

Mr. McCurley went on to say, “Hydrogen and grid power provide complementary power solutions for ports, where the requirements to power a fleet of electric Big Trucks are likely to exceed power capabilities of the grid, hydrogen may provide ports with readily available energy without a requirement for a high capacity electric charging infrastructure.”

“Electric charging for a large number of trucks during the day also adds complexity to overall work planning in the terminal, which can be avoided using hydrogen,” he further added that with hydrogen fuel cell technology, Hyster expects the Big Truck in development to offer ‘clean’ energy with zero emissions, as well as a low cost of ownership and comparable performance to its diesel equivalent.

The new Hyster energy recovery system that was patented in early 2018 will also benefit the new fuel cell-powered truck. This innovative system plans to extend uptime and increase profitability for port applications along with reducing energy costs for charging.

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