Avanza Successfully Trials Daikin’s Active CA for Avocados

Avanza Successfully Trials Daikin’s Active CA for Avocados
Logistics Manager

One of the world’s leading supplier of premium Hass avocados, AVANZA has successfully completed a trial with container refrigeration equipment company Daikin.

AVANZA trialled a proof of concept shipment using Daikin’s Active Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technology. The shipment was 6,500kg avocados and was transported between the ports of Tauranga, New Zealand, and Busan, Korea.

The trials were held in December last year to coincide with the end of the avocado season in New Zealand, the season runs from September to January.

AVANZA Technical Manager, Colin Partridge explains, “Controlled atmosphere reefer technology is essential to our business as avocados are a high respiring cargo and need precise optimal atmosphere levels throughout transit to safeguard quality over long distances. As the only active, rather than passive system in the market, we wanted to trial Daikin’s Active CA technology to see if the benefits of an active system are genuine. We’re delighted with the results and are now discussing the use of Daikin’s system for next season’s shipments.”

Daikin’s new Active CA technology is adapted from their oxygen concentrator, which was developed for use in the medical industry and is the only active – rather than passive – technology available in the industry.

The system relies on vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) which is an active atmosphere separation technology that can create the perfect controlled atmosphere rapidly.

Daikin’s Active CA delivers nitrogen rich gas to the reefer container with inbuilt equipment, reducing oxygen density rapidly as opposed to passive CA, which relies on produce respiration. A longer shelf life is the result of the fresh produce being put to “sleep”.

Daikin General Manager Global marketing and Service for the Reefer Container Department, Mr Ah Huat Goh commented, “Daikin’s Active CA represents a new and innovative approach to cargo care, which is providing both shippers and shipping lines with an opportunity to provide new services and added value to their customers. For produce such as avocados and apples, food scientists and growers alike understand the benefits of consistently low oxygen and low carbon dioxide settings during transit. Thanks to the positive inside pressure created by the nitrogen gas injection, which prevents the ambient air from entering the container, Daikin’s Active CA system can reliably maintain low O2 and CO2 levels. With Passive CA, the pressure inside the container is negative which makes it is easier for oxygen to ingress, especially as the box ages, potentially causing damage to cargo.”

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