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MCC Transport’s New TR2 Service: Your New Gateway from Sahathai to Southeast Asia

MCC Transport’s New TR2 Service: Your New Gateway from Sahathai to Southeast Asia
Danny Gill

Responding to a growing need for transportation and possessing the ambition to develop a comprehensive service network, MCC Transport recently launched their ‘THAI RANGOON 2’ or TR2 Service. Connecting Thailand directly to Myanmar, TR2 will provide MCC’s clients with convenient, fast, reliable, and effective services.

Your Intra-Asia Partner

MCC Transport is a container line operating under Maersk Group’s umbrella specializing in intra-Asia services. Their aim is to provide reliable and flexible services to accommodate the needs of both importers and exporters. MCC Transport also operates a feeder fleet, moving containers from Thailand to major ports around the region for both regional and global shipping lines.

MCC Transport began their ocean transportation service in 1993. From a humble fleet consisting of a handful of vessels covering only three countries, the company’s organic growth has expanded their footprint to over 17 Asian countries, serviced by a fleet of 70 vessels, calling over 200 ports in Asia. Their business has steadily expanded year-on-year and is they now known in the market for being an ‘intra-Asia Partner.’ This region is one of the fastest growing and rapidly changing business landscapes in the world currently, making their position extremely advantageous.

Originating from Thailand, MCC Transport currently provides 14 services to destinations in East Asia, China, South East Asia and Bangladesh each week. The ports of calling cover major Japanese ports; Chinese ports of Shanghai, Ningbo, and Hong Kong; Vietnamese Main Ports of Ho Chi Minh and Haiphong; Philippines Ports Manila and Batangas; and Taiwanese Ports Kaohsiung and Keelung.

The service network of MCC Transport also covers ports in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Timor-Leste and Bangladesh. There are also weekly services departing from Port of Songkhla, one of Thailand’s main southern ports, to Kuantan and Tanjung Pelapas in Malaysia and Singapore as well.

Enhanced Service Coverage to Growing Markets

Intra-Asia trade and influence are steadily increasing, with exports being a major driver for growth. Looking at export figures alone, Thailand shares a 46% proportion of Asian exports, estimated at over US100 billion in value. The rapid growth of the Asian economy has the expansion of the middle class, urbanization, and a higher proportion of the working-age population having increased purchasing power to thank for its growth. Over 70% of exports go to four main markets including ASEAN, China, Japan and CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam) countries.

Thailand’s strategic location in South East Asia sits squarely in the middle of trade lanes to major destinations. Such an advantageous position puts Thailand in prime contention for becoming the exporting center and distribution hub of the region.

Using this to their advantage, MCC Transport has launched their new TR2 service that is scheduled to leave Sahathai Terminal in Bangkok every Monday and transits at Tanjung Pelapas (Malaysia) and Singapore before continuing onward to Thilawa (MITT), and Yangon Myanmar Industrial Port (MIP) in Myanmar, with a total transit time of 9 to 10 days.

Two Entry Points Into Myanmar and Transshipment Services to Southeast Asia

MCC Transport, a leading shipping line, has launched a new direct service to Myanmar, in addition to Thai-Rangoon 1 (TR1). The service is called ‘Thai-Rangoon 2’ (TR2) and will be calling at two major ports in Myanmar including Thilawa (MITT) and Myanmar Industrial Port (MIP) with transit times 9 and 10 days respectively.

The launch of TR2, in addition to MCC’s Thai-Rangoon 1 (TR1) Service to Myanmar, making a total of two Myanmar services each week to be provided by MCC. The Thai-Rangoon 1 (TR1) originates from Laem Chabang Port to Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Tanjung Pelapas, Port Klang, Thilawa (MITT), and Myanmar Industrial Port (MIP).

With TR1 and TR2 Services, MCC Transport provides the most comprehensive service from Thailand to Myanmar with the most service frequency of 2 schedules weekly, and the fastest transit time in the industry.

The Thai-Rangoon 2 Service starts from Sahathai Terminal in Bangkok and transit at Tanjung Pelapas (Malaysia) and Singapore before continuing to the two ports in Myanmar. TR2 Service Rotation includes Sahathai, Tanjung Pelepas, Singapore, Yangon MITT, Yangon MIP, then head back to Tanjung Pelepas and Sahathai Terminal.

Direct Access from Sahathai River port to Reduce Inland Trucking Turn Around Time and Offer Convenient Cut-offs

Sahathai Terminal, the origin of TR2 Service; is on the Samutprakarn bank of Chao Praya river with close proximity to highways, and the Industrial Ring bridge. Shippers from both Bangkok and Samutprakarn can connect to Sahathai Terminal quickly and very conveniently. In comparison to Laem Chabang Port, Sahathai’s service can avoid high traffic between Bangkok and the Thai’s main shipping destination. Customers can save both time and operating cost for delivering and picking up containers. For importers, especially, they are assured that their containers can be picked up without bogging down.

Another prime benefit of TR2 lies in its schedule. WIth the Cut off time at 15.00 on Saturday, shippers are allowed more time for loading and delivering.

Manage Your Shipments with Ease

On top of network expansion and the opening of new routes to serve the needs of the market, MCC Transport has been developing an e-Commerce channel, along with a mobile application to better serve customers. This technology is helping to improve services in a variety of ways; for instance, checking the price for booking cargo space, ship schedules, delivery instructions, draft bill of ladings, remote bill print, tracking cargo status, and invoicing including financial related services.

Users of the platform can enjoy improved process efficiency, responsive information and communication, saving both time and reducing human errors. Customers can register for the electronic platform for free at my.mcc.com.sg or simply search for the ‘MCC Transport Shipment’ application on Google Play or the App Store. Basic information on importing and exporting cargo to Asian countries are available at www.mcc.com.sg for no fee.

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