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CMA CGM Launches REEFLEX Bag System

CMA CGM Launches REEFLEX Bag System
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CMA CGM recently announced the launch of their new REEFLEX system which they claim to be the most advanced solution for transporting temperature-controlled liquids.

CMA CGM in partnership with German Juice expert Teconja and solutions packaging expert Liqua have developed this new revolutionary system. REEFLEX guarantees a safe and healthy transportation of liquids due to the design and technology involved.

A single bag can hold 12,000 to 24,000 liters can transport a whole host of liquids including oils, syrups, compotes, juices and milk. REEFLEX can be installed in only three minutes on any 40 ft refrigerated container. The bag can be filled and emptied in 35 minutes due to the external pumping system.

The REEFLEX system is an alternative to the standard mode of break bulk transport giving both importers and exporters the flexibility of moving their goods by containers resulting in a more efficient delivery. Controlled temperatures with a range of 35°C and +20°C and a sterile environment help maintain the chemical and nutritional properties of the product. Every single-use REEFLEX bag can be completely recycled.

Reefer Deputy Vice President, Eric Legros said about the new system, “CMA CGM owns one of the largest and most modern Reefer fleet in the world. A pioneer with Aquaviva, a unique solution for the transportation of lobsters and shellfish, the Group continues to innovate with the introduction of REEFLEX, a state-of-the-art technology for an optimal transportation of liquids.”

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