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Amata Interfreight Unveils a Combined Approach for Complete One-stop Solutions

Amata Interfreight Unveils a Combined Approach for Complete One-stop Solutions
Panthita Phensawang

Amata Interfreight, a freight forwarding company with comprehensive transportation services, was founded when two logistics experts in different fields came together to combine their strengths. Their aim was to deliver services that perfectly answer customers’ needs in order provide extra special care for each individual customer.

For a deeper look, we spoke with Ms. Suwarangkana Setthaisong and Ms. Sukanya Sutthitham, Co-CEOs at Amata Interfreight as they shared with us their vision and strategy to win over the hearts and minds of customers.

Building Strong Foundations

Beginning as operation officers, both of Amata Interfreight’s executives accumulated their experience over a decade of working and specializing in Logistics, Transportation, and Management from leading logistics companies.

Ms. Setthaisong spoke about her first steps into the logistics industry: “I started my career in sales and customer service for an ocean liner, and my specialties have been built up from this initial point. During my time there, I was able to weave many strong bonds with other leading ocean carriers that I still carry with me today. I nurtured these experiences and relationships, as they are the foundation that I built upon to where I am now as an executive at Amata Logistics, where we are provide holistic and comprehensive transportation solutions from customers.”

Ms. Sutthitham on the other hand, has years of experience with International Freight Forwarders and is an expert in international sales. “I have over 10 years of experience with International Freight Forwarders, and that translated well in making Amata Logistics adept in both import and export activities. We are able to provide services that are different from others but are precisely in-line with the needs of customers.”

Under the leadership of these two experts from different fields, Amata Interfreight is well rounded and can cope with a variety customer needs, providing services in both Sea and Air Freight, Bulk Shipping, Logistics Management, Warehousing, Packing and Packaging, Customs Services and Land Transportation. “The different experiences and expertise we have fulfil and synergize with each other. We’ve found out that we work very well together and can effectively provide services that perfectly respond to customer requirements. That was the real reason behind the foundation of Amata Interfreight. We want to serve the needs of our customers and we delight ourselves in doing just that,” Ms. Setthaisong added.

Keys to Success

As a One-Stop Service Provider, Amata Interfreight is attractive to customers of all sizes. “We attend to the needs of all customers and have a variety of services for almost any need our customers would have,” Ms. Setthaisong said. “On top of that, we stay close to our customers and are always up to answer any questions and support them in their import-export activities. Even if a customer is new to shipping and logistics; we can help them in preparing documentation like, Bill of Ladings, Invoices, Packing Lists and all other involved documents. We have always helped to ease the hassle for newcomers and experienced shippers alike.”

“Taking care of every customer is our prime strategy at Amata Interfreight. Even if a customer has zero experience with import-export activities, they can rest assured that our team will guide them through the processes with correct, updated and comprehensive information.” Ms. Setthaisong added. “We are keenly aware that apart from comprehensive services, expert advice and information about documentation and procedures are equally important, and as a service provider we can fulfill all these roles without a hitch.”

Learning Organization

Amata Interfreight says they are able to provide effective services and respond to the needs of customers based on their high-quality staff and ongoing development. They said that staff are always being pushed to the next level, ensuring that they understand all services in-depth, and always offer the best solutions for customers. “Our aim is to provide effective services and precisely respond to the needs of customers. We share this goal with our staff and have adopted the concept of a ‘Learning Organization’ into our company; building up the knowledge base in Transport Management and Logistics Services to our staff,” said Ms. Sutthitham.

“Both Ms. Sutthitham and I have years’ of experience in the industry and we are actively passing our knowledge to our staff. In addition, we also invite industry specialists as guest speakers regularly to further expand our staffs’ in-depth knowledge. We’re proud and confident that our customers will be satisfied with precise advice and service our staff is able to offer,” said Ms. Setthaisong.

Most revealing is the fact that most members of Amata Interfreight are green horns who are taking their first steps into the business world at the company. However, they are well nurtured and specifically taught how to serve their customers; creating the perfect brew for the success of the organization in the long run. “With ‘Key Performance Indicators’ (KPI) adopted, we measure and manage everyone in line with company’s standard. As the needs of customers vary from person to person, every staff must be able to handle every type of operation perfectly and effectively,” Ms. Sutthitham added.

Planning for Future Growth

Aiming to provide a comprehensive service to customers, Amata Interfreight plans to expand their footprint, covering more aspects of transportation and logistics services than ever before. “We are opening another office at Laem Chabang Port as a One-Stop Service Station; the same as our main office in Bangkok. The branch office will allow easier access for our customers in Eastern provinces,” Ms. Setthaisong said. “We have also planned to expand our services into the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, responding to the increasing needs of our customers.”

By providing effective and comprehensive services which truly answer the needs of customers, Amata Interfreight has become the service provider of choice for their customers. The company is organically growing with no end in sight; expanding their comprehension even further and shifting their standardized quality into the hearts of even more customers on the international stage.


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Panthita Phensawang

Panthita Phensawang, or Mhew, is an experienced writer who enjoys using her words. When she isn’t glued to a computer screen, she spends time watching movies and listening to K-pop music and plans trips to exotic foreign countries. Writing for Airfreight Logistics, she gets to see what goes on behind the scenes of how her online purchases get delivered to her door.

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