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City Zone Express Boosts Connectivity Between China and Indochina

City Zone Express Boosts Connectivity Between China and Indochina
Phubet Boonrasri

Regional cross-border trade amongst neighboring countries in Asia has become an ever-expanding trend. Boosted by trade friendly customs regulations and joint infrastructure development agreements, connected countries are joining forces and nurturing their economic growth together.

Road transportation is undeniably the backbone for cross-border trade activity. Benefiting from both quicker transit times compared to sea freight and lower transportation cost compared to air freight, cross-border road transportation services are key to many businesses success. Although moving goods across a border can be challenging in many aspects, it’s imperative for service providers to ensure a smooth and safe delivery for their customers.

To this end, providers such as City Zone Express have established themselves as a reliable partner for those looking for safe and effective transportation. Their ambition drives them to promote cross-border activities between the Indochina region and China, which is fast becoming a major driving force for the overall global economy.

To learn more about their plan to become a top regional cross-border service provider, we spoke with City Zone Express’ Mr. S. Pirithivaraj, Director, Mr. Achirawish  Nuchawong, Cross Border Manager and Ms. Chanida Kovichskul, Customer Service Manager.

Growing Fleet                         

From humble beginnings, the Malaysian-born company began operations with a fleet of 8 trucks in 2006, and have since grown into a complete transport service provider operating over 150 trucks. City Zone Express says their strength lies in local specialization with fast and efficient service, combined with their network of services that continues to expand to more destinations.

Mr. S. Pirithivaraj

“City Zone Express provides a variety of services, especially within the ‘Dragon Zone’ that connects Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China together. We offer the fastest transit time in the market, for example, it takes only 7 days for door-to-door shipping from Shanghai to Singapore. All the customs documentation services are also provided. Modern security technology is employed to ensure the integrity of all our shipments. Customers can rest assured that City Zone Express will deliver their goods with speed and security, and our specialized and experienced staff are always ready to provide support,” Mr. Pirithivaraj said.

Apart from their premier cross-border services, City Zone Express also provides multimodal transportation services. This enables customers to, for example, ship by sea freight to Singapore and then switch to a truck to travel across the border into Thailand. Customers can also import shipments via airfreight and ship it across the border to their consignee in neighboring countries with this service.

City Zone Express also provides custom clearance services, border pass, and warehousing services including a free zone and bonded warehouse in many locations including Singapore, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Bukit Kayu Hitam – Malaysia, Songkhla and Mukdahan – Thailand, Savannakhet – Laos, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Hai Phong – Vietnam and China.

Serving Local Needs

In Thailand, City Zone Express provides land transportation including cross-border trucking and temperature-controlled trucking services. With experience and local specialization; services from City Zone Express covers a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including electronics, solar cells, batteries, textiles, consumer goods, chemicals, general goods, oil and gas drilling equipment and Project Cargo.

Each local branch also has their own specialization in specific industry segments. For instance, Songkhla branches have expertise in servicing the oil and gas industry, fish processing products, rubber gloves and general import and export cargo. They many branches across Songkhla in strategic locations including, Port of Songkhla, Hatyai and Sadao District, and are able to respond to a variety needs in different industry sectors.

“At City Zone Express, we can provide a range of comprehensive services. Especially for the Songkhla branches, we always give our full support to customers; beginning from managing sea freight shipment via the Port of Songkhla, customs clearance, to final delivery of cargo to clients’ facilities by trucks. We also provide cross-border transportation and warehousing services for customers in the oil and gas industry, which covers all the customs clearance for incoming and outgoing shipments,” Ms. Kovichskul said.

Connectivity Expansion

City Zone Express has served Thai Industries for over 10 years, providing transportation connecting Thailand to Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. New services to Vietnam and China just began over 2 years. However, both countries are showing outstanding growth potential in terms of cargo volume, so the company is planning to expand their foot print further into both Vietnam and China as well.

“With low labor and manufacturing costs combined with their easy access to raw materials, many manufacturers have migrated into Vietnam and China, and is a major driver for the economic growth and demand for transportation. We are looking forward to a double-digit growth annually and in response to the expectations, we have established local branches in Vietnam and China scheduled to open in 2018,” Mr. Nuchawong said.

Connect Indochina to the World

Mr. Achirawish  Nuchawong

Not only are they connecting with Indochina countries, but the ‘Dragon Zone’ is also joined with the Modern Era ‘Silk Road;’ the Chinese ‘One Belt One Road’. The Chinese initiative aims to create trade cooperation across the world. By linking Indochina to China, City Zone Express is enabling vast opportunities for customers to be able to deliver and import goods to and from the whole world on this ‘road.’

With a visionary management plan and continuous development, City Zone Express is helping to open an exciting new alternative route for Indochinese businesses to the larger worldwide market. They also have their eyes on the Indian subcontinent; another market with tantalizing potential. Utilizing their comprehensive transport network, City Zone Express is helping shippers and importers in expanding their horizon, and in turn City Zone Express and the clients will thrive together on the international stage.

Contact City Zone Express

Mr. Achirawich Nuchwong: 081-0059090, email:

Ms. Chanida Gowichsakul: 086-3881937, email:

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