FSTS Pushes New Boundaries for ISO Tank Cleaning

FSTS Pushes New Boundaries for ISO Tank Cleaning
Phubet Boonrasri

A successful business not only has to continuously develop and expand their service coverage, but also must pay attention to the environment they are operating in. FSTS is one of the most successful business in ISO tank cleaning and servicing in the region, and has always paid the utmost attention to the environment. They are one of the driving force to shift the industry standards in Thailand with their dedication to efficiency and environmental concerns.

FSTS provides ISO tank cleaning and other ISO tank services, including inspection and repair of ISO tanks. They are considered to be the largest comprehensive ISO tank service provider in Thailand and are under the umbrella of Fusion Agencies.

We spoke with , Mr. Dithaphong Sakesuwan, General Manager / Director, FSTS Ltd. about sharing his thoughts on how their business is conducted and his dedication to saving the environment. He also shared his vision in setting a new paradigm for ISO tank cleaning, servicing and inspecting for the sector in Thailand, to be on par with international standards.

Mr. Dithaphong Sakesuwan, Managing Director and General Manager, FSTS

Setting New Standards
In April 2017 as an affiliate of Fusion Agencies, FSTS opened a new facility in Chonburi. Settled in the compound of Hemaraj Industrial complex, the newly opened facility is fully equipped with modern and comprehensive equipment to serve all brands of ISO tanks. They quickly jumped into full operation in June.
“FSTS was founded in response to the high demand for ISO tank cleaning and servicing in the market, which has been increasing year by year due to the expansion of the chemical industry. The amount of ISO tanks coming in and out of the country have also been increasing drastically, while very few tank cleaning and preparation service providers are available. We decided to expand our business to fill the gap and invest in building a new facility which can accommodate more cleaning and servicing needs for the ISO tanks.” Mr. Sakesuwan, said.
FSTS’s new facility is set in a compound over 6 Rai (9,600 SQM) large and is the largest ISO tank cleaning and servicing operation space in Thailand. They are fully equipped with modern tools and equipment, such as, tank cleaning spinner, automatic control systems and a high degree of safety measures. Every process is under strict control procedures for safety of the working staff, ISO tanks and the environment.

Higher Capabilities
Impressing on the quality of service and safety of the ISO tanks, FSTS divide their lines of operation into chemical grade tanks and food grade tanks. Both of these lines, including all the operational tools and equipment, are processed separately. They are one of the very few operators in Thailand who provide a complete separate cleaning operation in concerns to contamination. “Separating the operation lines between chemical tanks and food grade tanks is one way we ensure how serious we are about not mixing the tank operation. It has also helps to increase our operations flexibility, as we do not have to schedule for cleaning each type of the tank in our facility, but both types can be operated in parallel. As a result, we have the highest ISO tank cleaning throughput in Thailand. Currently, 400 – 500 tanks are processed through our facility each month and we can expand our capacity up to an estimate of 600 -700 tanks by doubling our operating shifts, which is sometimes needed to accommodate the growth of this market,” said, Mr. Sakesuwan.
Current FSTS facilities consists of 12 cleaning bays, including 6 simple cleaning chemical tank bays, 4 delicate cleaning chemical tank bays and 2 food grade tank cleaning bays. There is also 8 pre-delivery inspection bays and 4 legally required scheduled inspecting bays, which explains why they can provide fast and efficient services to all ISO tank clients.

Safety First
Not only does FSTS have the advantage in terms of size, speed and quality of their operation, they also pay maximum attention to work and operational safety. With years of industry experience, they have designed their operations to fill all the known risky gaps and incorporate their facility with safety equipment. Even though most staff are seasoned professionals, regularly organized training sessions are organized to ensure everyone is up to speed.
“FSTS’s facility is built from scratch, that means we can design optimal safety systems and make our operation with high standards in mind. Our operations floor is equipped with harnesses to prevent staff from falling, it is a compulsory equipment for anyone involved with the operation. No matter who it is, everyone must get permission from us before starting to inspect or work on-site. We also set a standard to verify the oxygen level in confined spaces in accordance with the law. Every time a person is going to work inside an ISO tank, there must be another staff working on the outside in accordance, ensuring the safety of the person inside. A person is only allowed inside a tank for a maximum of one hour as well. Providing the person want to stay longer, one must request for permission. All these safety procedures are meant to protect everyone involved in the operation, because work safety is very important to everyone. Hence, we try to develop and set a new standard to the industry both for work safety and environmental integrity,” said, Mr. Sakesuwan.

Environmentally Conscious
FSTS is one of very few ISO tank cleaning and servicing operators in Thailand with properly organized facilities and equipment in-line with international standards. They have also further invested into reducing environmental effects to ensure the integrity of the surrounding area.
“At present, there are only a few companies that provide ISO tank cleaning services inside industrial estates. As part of the operation that involves cleaning of chemical and food, it is unavoidable to produce waste and contaminated water. Although we have an advantage of setting ourselves inside the industrial estate which already has an effective waste water treatment system, ensuring that the water exposed to the environment is safe for the surrounding community. We have voluntarily invested millions of THB into developing our own waste water treatment system, ensuring the waste water is cleaned and has standardized pH level before passing on to the estate’s system. Water treatment is time consuming, but is a major concern for us,” Mr. Sakesuwan explained.

With their reputation, service quality and capacity, FSTS are among the top ISO tank cleaning and servicing operations in Thailand. However, they continue to elevate the standard of ISO tank cleaning and servicing in Thailand to international levels. They are also trying to persuade everyone in the industry to do the same. “We are trying to shift the industry standards in terms of work safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness. To which we also wish that our clients, both the tank owners and the shippers can see and value our efforts. We hope that they will cooperate with us to make better changes in our industry together,” said, Mr. Sakesuwan.

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