Nippon Express Malaysia Acquires Halal Warehousing Certification

Nippon Express Malaysia Acquires Halal Warehousing Certification
Danny Gill

Nippon Express Malaysia has achieved halal warehousing certification (MS2400-2). The certificate went into effect on May 16th and is authorized by the Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM), a certifying body within the Malaysian government. The world’s first halal certification standards for transport (MS2400-1) and warehousing (MS2400-2) were established in Malaysia in July 2013, at which time JAKIM began issuing certifications on behalf of the Malaysian government.

Nippon Express Malaysia has history with halal transportation and warehousing since December 2014. They became the first Japanese logistics company to acquire MS2400-1 (transport) certification, and began providing halal transport services within Malaysia. The following year saw the conclusion of a business partnership agreement in with Brahim’s Holdings Berhad, the world’s largest manufacturer of halal airline meals. Since then, Nippon Express Malaysia has been actively involved in halal transport both domestically within Malaysia and internationally.

in_side_WHAnother milestone was in October 2016, when Nippon Express Malaysia received certification allowing it to carry out the ritual cleansing of trucks and cargo containers in-house. Ritual cleansing is the purifying of locations that are considered unclean for halal foods. Trucks and cargo containers to be used for transporting halal foods must be purified beforehand by cleansing them in accordance with JAKIM rules.

In Japan, Nippon Express has also received halal certification for warehousing (January 2016) and transport (February 2016) from the Japan Halal Association, an organization that has an agreement with JAKIM on mutually recognizing their respective certifications. By obtaining halal certification for warehousing in Malaysia, Nippon Express has successfully established a door-to-door halal transport system fully supported by the Nippon Express Group at origins and destinations in Malaysia and Japan.

Nippon Express is able to provide wide-ranging support for the entire supply chain for halal products in Malaysia and through logistics is contributing and supporting the global supply chains of customers moving into the ever-expanding Muslim market.

Danny Gill

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