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DSV Solutions Proves Strength Lies with Flexibility

DSV Solutions Proves Strength Lies with Flexibility
Chatchaya Jianswatvatana

Solutions providers must often find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, as they all offer similar types of services. The way DSV Solutions has found success, and sets themselves apart, is with their professional team that operates with a customer-centric attitude. The team believes in the same goal, which is to provide a service that best matches each customer’s needs. Having a strong and flexible workforce also allows them additional elasticity in the way they work, which is one of the main reasons why DSV Solutions has become one of the leading contract logistics companies in Thailand.

To get a deeper insight behind the scenes, LM had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Chaiyapat Samerpak, Business Development Manager from DSV Solutions Ltd. about their strong foundation and the important factors that has allowed DSV Solutions the ability to build long-lasting trust and loyalty from their customer base.


One-Stop Shop

DSV Solutions was first established in Thailand 30 years ago, and the experiences they’ve gained over the years have allowed them to become a well-oiled machine in all parts of their operation. They understand that each customer has different needs and expectations, and an important key driving factor that’s helping them to deliver on client demands efficiently is their high-performing staff, who are continuously learning and improving themselves.

DSV Solutions Cover Story

Mr. Chaiyapat Samerpak, Business Development Manager

This has lead DSV Solutions to becoming one of the foremost experts of contract logistics, with key services including warehousing, distribution, and brokerage. Staff in each sector are well-trained to understand the nuances and details of each process involved. Mr. Samerpak explained, “DSV Solutions has three primary services, the first service being warehousing. We have warehouses in many areas of Thailand covering Bangkok, Rayong, Chonburi and Laem Chabang Port. Our warehouse in Bangkok is situated in a prime location, allowing clients to distribute and transport cargo conveniently and cost-effectively. Additionally, we have space for all types of cargo including cars parts, spare parts, and consumer products. All of our warehouses have standardized infrastructure with cutting-edge technology, and our certified warehouse management system (WMS) help us to efficiently manage our outbound, inbound, and inventory.”

He continued, “Our second core service is transportation and distribution. As we’ve been in this industry for many years, it’s made us expert and extremely competent in creating the best routes for our customers. Also, if customers are looking for value-added services, we are flexible and able to fulfill any of their needs. For instance, if required we are ready and able to transport cargo into very rural areas in the hinterland of Thailand. No matter what our customers need, we are able to fulfill and cover all their requests.”

Apart from warehousing and distribution, DSV Solutions also offers brokerage services. Mr. Samerpak added that, “For brokerage, we have well-trained staff who are experts in this field. We understand that the processes and paperwork are complicated and have many details, but our specialized team is well equipped to handle and manage the entire process. We have been in this industry for so long that we understand the Customs process like the back of our hand. We are continuously training our staff so we’re up-to-date with all the rules and regulations to make this process as smooth as possible.”

DSV Solutions Cover Story

Flexibility is Key to Success

Mr. Samerpak continued to explain that, “We know that each client often has unique needs, and we therefore have a special team in place to design solutions for clients. In the business world, I believe all the service providers have the same service standard. What differentiates and makes us more outstanding is the flexibility we have. The capability to adapt and change our plan to suit customers’ needs when they have further requirements is our strength.”

What differentiates and makes us more outstanding is the flexibility we have. The capability to adapt and change our plan to suit customers’ needs when they have further requirements is our strength

“A great example from our portfolio of success is when we were requested to design an Export Distribution Center (EDC) for one of our biggest clients. The main challenges we faced were to develop and help create the workflow. We were tasked with collecting auto parts from over 150 different suppliers, which meant that each day over 120 rounds of truck movements would have to be completed to meet their demanding requirements. By working together closely with our client we were able to find the best solution available and successfully build the EDC for them. We believe that the key to all success not only requires dedication and understanding of customers’ needs, but also the high-quality staff behind the scenes to deliver on your promises.”

Fjern nederste røde linje i billedet

DSV Sigma

Having a strong and tight-knit team is at the core of the solid foundation DSV Solutions has laid and is what drives the organization to grow and expand. Mr. Samerpak said, “We have a well-structured recruiting and training process that has a guided path for personal growth and development. We have also created a performance tracking and analysis tool to evaluate and to see staff progress.”

We have a well-structured recruiting and training process that has a guided path for personal growth and development

DSV Sigma is another quality program that came about after the merger between DSV and UTi, bringing strengths from both organization and combining them together. Mr. Samerpak explained that, “DSV Sigma is the combination of the ‘Quality Management System’ from UTi and ‘Sigma’ program from DSV. DSV Sigma was developed based on lean thinking, which focusing on eliminating waste from the workflow, while increasing performance quality. This program is not only improving workflow processes, but also helps us to deliver the best solutions available to our customers.”

DSV Solutions Cover Story

Future Developments

In the future, DSV Solutions explained that they have upcoming plans to expand their service even further to cover more of their customers’ needs. Mr. Samerpak said, “DSV sees the future growth and potential of Thai market, and they believe that we still have much room to grow. We recognize the growing influence of e-Commerce in Thailand, and in response we will be launching a new service soon that is focused on home deliveries. The service will mainly serve B2C businesses, which is one of our specialties.”

Furthermore, DSV Solutions is in the process of completing their evaluations for ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 certification, which should be completed by May 2017. These certifications, along with their dedicated staff and flexible service offerings, should help differentiate and keep DSV Solutions firmly positioned as the top leading logistics provider company in Thailand, with the goal of delivering the best solutions available to customers.

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