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Triple i SupplyChain’s Solutions Fuel Growth in Thailand’s Retail Market

Triple i SupplyChain’s Solutions Fuel Growth in Thailand’s Retail Market
Phubet Boonrasri

With a deep understanding of client demands and the ambition to improve and provide better solutions for their customers, Triple i Logistics Group has undergone an expansion by launching a new company, Triple i SupplyChain. The goal of the new company is to provide complete logistics services and to help support clients by maximizing efficiencies within their business.

In this issue of LM, we had the chance to speak with Mr. Parooj Pinaikul, Managing Director, Triple i SupplyChain, about the development of the logistics solutions that truly answer client demands and the company’s direction in the future.


Triple i SupplyChain is a solution developmental service provider of the Triple i Logistics Group, which was first launches in 2012. Triple i SupplyChain mainly concentrates on developing solutions in seamless logistics and supply chain management. Well-planned solutions in warehousing and distribution can highly improve a company’s logistics management quality and efficiency.

“Triple i SupplyChain functions similarly to a contract logistics service provider. We offer two main types of solution-related services, warehousing solutions and distribution solutions. We focus on developing solutions for clients who are in the retail industry, especially those who specialize in healthcare, beauty product, fashion accessories and goods, perfume, supplements, perishable food, animal feeds, office supplies, sport supplies, CDs, and DVDs. Our job is to come up with solutions and facilitate the application of the most efficient end-to-end solutions for our clients. We also offer our expertise and service to specific stages in our client supply chain,” said Mr. Parooj.

Expertise in Integrated Solutions

The difference in the way each client conducts business and the market they’re in leads to many difference in how each business needs to manage its opportunity, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses. Therefore, logistics service providers are required to have the expertise to develop and apply the right solutions. Processing such expertise is a strength of Triple i SupplyChain. In addition to being an expert in the field, the company has also chosen its team members who are experienced in retail industries for different types of goods to be able to consult and develop management methods for its diverse clientele with efficiency and end results in mind.

The three ways our solutions can help our client’s supply chain management are with cost savings, sales increasing, and work simplification

Aiming to be the top logistics service provider, Triple i SupplyChain relies on the 3i principles, the core values of the Triple i Group, as the driving force to serving their clients with the perfect solutions. The 3i principles are comprised of: 1. Integration between the company and clients work system; 2. Innovation on new solutions and their application; 3. Intimacy between their business and clients’.

Mr. Parooj said, “Before we begin developing a specific solution for a client or help a client proceed with their business solution; we first have to truly understand their challenges. The most effective way to understand their challenges and needs is to listen and communicate with our clients for data analysis and assess the most effective solution. Furthermore, being flexible and consistent in service also contribute to being able to serve them well. As a business, we have regular Key Performance Indicator (KPI) assessments of our service to assure our clients that the solutions we provide them will be able to elevate their supply chain management. The three ways our solutions can help our client’s supply chain management are with cost savings, sales increasing, and work simplification.”

Intimate Knowledge of Warehousing Needs

Other than being a retail industry logistics solution expert, Triple i SupplyChain also offers warehouse management both as a full onsite operator and as a warehouse facility. Currently, the company has developed a warehouse facility on Rama III road, which can store both general and climate-controlled cargo, and benefits clients in terms of cost and quick distribution time. Strategically located, Triple i SupplyChain’s warehouse has the advantage of easy distribution within the Bangkok metropolitan area, as well as cutting the distribution time for clients within the city area. This also helps increase the daily amount and efficiency of cargo distribution.

Triple i SupplyChain believes that the upside of this warehouse management method is that each business who takes part in the supply chain starts to share more useful information with each other. Sharing information can benefit all parties as it provides them with the knowledge of market demands, which can help in predicting future trends. From this information, businesses can assess their needs to manage their warehousing to maximize the flow of cargo and decrease cargo stock, as well as making the right procurement to anticipate for future demands for fulfillment. This leads to  cost, time, and resources efficiencies. Thus, logistics services are not only concerned with warehousing and distribution, but are also to do with procurement.


Mr. Parooj Pinaikul, Managing Director, Triple i SupplyChain

This particular sector is undergoing rapid growth and pushes us to adapt and to come up with innovative solutions that can answer these new demands

“Triple i SupplyChain’s distribution service focuses on serving our clients at every stage of their distribution. We distribute to their major distribution channels, including to other distribution centers, department stores, shopping malls, retail stores, road-side vendors, other companies, exhibition halls, and end users. Our distribution service also includes last mile deliveries to houses and residential buildings for individuals. These deliveries are can be some of the more complicated cases, yet at the same time they also make up a large majority of clientele. Due to everchanging consumer buying behaviors, online shopping from e-Commerce market places have made an impact on retail stores. This particular sector is undergoing rapid growth and pushes us to adapt and to come up with innovative solutions that can answer these new demands.”


Responding to the growth of e-Commerce, Triple i SupplyChain has extended its service network to support new groups of businesses with a wide range of logistics services; such as processing purchasing orders, warehousing, distribution, labelling, kitting, and over the door payment. Triple i SupplyChain aims to facilitate its corporate clients, as well as its client’s customers. Their services leverage corporate clients’ workflow, so that they can pay more attention to managing other tasks. With a goal to service upcoming industries, the company is now developing an e-Fulfillment service especially for e-Commerce clients, which will go live early 2017.

“Besides having strategically situated warehouse as our advantage; Triple i SupplyChain has a plan to keep providing a more traditional logistics services, such as warehousing and distribution. We are studying and planning on building more warehouse facilities on the outskirts of Bangkok to support the demands of more clients. At the same time, we are also planning new ways to domestically distribute cargo via airfreight for a fast, timely, and trackable service. We will also collaborate with international logistics providers to build a service network for warehousing and distributing for clients in the neighboring countries in the near future,” said Mr. Parooj.

Furthermore, the establishment of Triple i SupplyChain has emphasized on the advantages the Triple i Logistics Group has in the industry. Having more businesses that serve a large variety of demands, the group has a range of solutions to fulfill all the demands of their clients who are both importers and exporters.

Lastly, the company’s team members, equipped with knowledge and expertise in warehousing and distribution of many categories of cargo, plays a vital part in understanding the true needs of their clients. In combination with the company’s transparent conducts, the management team of the company aims to set as an example to the rest of the team in terms of work ethic, service, visions, and experience sharing to create a good work environment and cultivating each team member’s potential, and is a reflection on the company’s abilities to serve its clients as well as its own team.

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Phubet Boonrasri

Phubet Boonrasri, or Chen, is an experienced writer with interests in many fields. As a one of the feature writers for Airfreight Logistics, Chen digs in deep to get his facts. Chen is an adventurer, an explorer of the world and spends a lot of his spare time with nature.

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