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Bangkok Terminal Logistics Shows Their Prowess as a Cross-Border Leader

Bangkok Terminal Logistics Shows Their Prowess as a Cross-Border Leader
Panthita Phensawang

With the official commencement of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), came flourishing cross-border activities, along with new opportunities for the Thai cross-border transportation industry. Thailand has a strategic advantage in becoming the center for land transportation for the region with its geographic location and the strength of local transport operators and infrastructure.  Many operators are looking into improving their cross-border services to accommodate the ever increasing demand, with free trade policies are also helping to stimulate cross-border activities. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t varying difference in local policies and regulations; a good cross-border operator must possess knowledge, experience, and specialization in the servicing routes and be familiar with all policies and regulations in order to provide the optimum service and quality for their customers.

Bangkok Terminal Logistics (BTL), an affiliate of NGOW-HOCK Co., Ltd., is one of the leading transport operator specialized in cross-border transportation. Ever since their establishment in 1985, they have played many important transportation roles in both domestic and Indochina regions. They have continuously sought to develop their services to catch up with the rapidly growing transportation needs of Southeast Asia.


Mr. Paitoon Vetchapipat

In this issue of LM, Mr. Paitoon Vetchapipat, Senior Sales Manager, Bangkok Terminal Logistics; and Mr. Borvornsint Tanthuwanit, Assistance to Chief Executive Officer, NGOW-HOCK Co., Ltd., shared their expertise about cross-border transportation activities and the policies to drive their companies toward more organic growth.

Cross Border Transport Services

Since 1985, BTL has been a pioneer in containerized rail transportation. They were the first in Thailand to serve cargo by rail in both Thailand and Malaysia. In 1992, BTL added cross-border transportation and in-transit cargo transport to their growing list of services, and were one of the first five companies  in the country to provide transportation services into Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

BTL provides a one-stop-service for both land transportation and customs clearance procedures at all border stations, including documentation for duty drawback, and multi-modal transportation all in response to the needs of customers.

“Currently, there are many shippers who want to ship food stuffs and consumer goods to neighboring countries. At the same time, there are shippers in neighboring countries who want to ship their cargo to Thailand as well.”

 “Our door-to-door service provides maximum convenience to customers and has been warmly welcomed in the market. The service is highly convenient, secure, and can help prevent cargo loss and late deliveries as well.”

For road transportation to Laos, BTL has a variety of services to suit almost any type of cargo, including truck, lorry, or trailer. Special equipment such as a low-bed trailer and special handling equipment for shipments from Bangkok Port, Laem Chabang Port, and Lat Krabang Inland Container Depot (Lat Krabang ICD) to destinations in Laos are also available.


Based on their expertise in cross border transportation, BTL has been entrusted with all kinds of cargo; from small commodities up to large project cargo. Some examples include cargo for factories, construction equipment for dams, airports, hospitals, and conference centers. They are renowned as a comprehensive transport service provider and are normally on top of the hiring list for most customers.

“We are looking towards an increasing demand for cross border transportation. Therefore, we have adopted IT technologies into our processes including GPS and TMS technologies. Such IT systems enable real-time monitoring and ensure that cargo will arrive to the destinations rapidly and safely,” said Mr.Paitoon.


Mr. Borvornsint Tanthuwanit

Third-Party Logistics 

From their success in cross border transportation, BTL has expanded their services even further to become a more complete service provider. “Currently, we are also serving as a Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL). Some customers entrust us with all the warehousing and information management activities for them, and we have expanded our team to accommodate their requirements,” said Mr. Borvornsint. “With our experience in cross border activities, we are able to advise our customers in preparation for the process. Border crossing is a complicated activity with laws and regulations all vary by country.”

“We have experience and expertise from years of working in this field, and it helps us to ensure that all cargo will fly through the border effortlessly”

We are also developing a new IT system to provide easier access to our service for our customers. For example, customers will be able to check service information and cargo statuses instantly online.”

“The same improvements being made for external access to the IT systems are also being implemented for our internal processes. IT systems are a key to improving work flow and work efficiency. Our main goal is for an operator to be able to access and connect with the information they are looking for effortlessly. They must be able to access our network from anywhere, both inside and outside the company, which helps improve work flexibility and gives a homier atmosphere to the work environment,” Mr. Borvornsint said.


Quality Policy

Efficient, rapid, on time, and fair priced transportation services are the most important policies for BTL, and they have made it a pillar of their business ever since the establishment. They have always been a customer centric company and strive to satisfy their customers, that is the reasons behind their quality service and customer satisfaction. “We also pay close attention to cargo safety; all cargo is delivered to the consignees in perfect condition, without any damage,” said Mr. Paitoon. For the safety of transportation routes, operators should be the expert on the route used to ensure that routes are safe in order to prevent accidents on road. Moreover, BTL inspects vehicle regularly to avoid excessive greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution as well.

Mr. Paitoon also added, “We realize how important it is to deliver cargo on time, and in case of any problems or emergencies, we will promptly notify customers. BTL also has some of the most reasonable prices in the industry and we also guarantee safe delivery. Customers are normally pleased with our services and come back to us regularly,” said Mr. Paitoon.

With years of cross border transportation experience and expertise, together with an extensive range of services, BTL can response to all customers’ needs; backed with the company’s policy to drive quality services for customers. All the aforementioned are keys to the industry leader and pioneer status BTL possess in cross-border transportation and has been a pillar to their long history of success.



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Panthita Phensawang

Panthita Phensawang, or Mhew, is an experienced writer who enjoys using her words. When she isn’t glued to a computer screen, she spends time watching movies and listening to K-pop music and plans trips to exotic foreign countries. Writing for Airfreight Logistics, she gets to see what goes on behind the scenes of how her online purchases get delivered to her door.

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