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ECU Worldwide Delivers a Fresh Update

ECU Worldwide Delivers a Fresh Update
Panthita Phensawang

ECU-LINE has been one of the most successful LCL (Less than Container Load) consolidation service providers for the past 29 years. To celebrate their long term success and their globally extensive network of services – including  300+ branch offices, 2400+ direct tradelanes and 530 destinations in 160+ countries –ECU-LINE has decided to rebrand itself as ‘ECU Worldwide’.


The company has set foot at almost every destination around the world with their leading LCL services. They have also begun expanding further into Full Container Load (FCL) and Multimodal Transportation services. The incorporation of modern technologies has allowed them to upgrade their lead time and cost-effectiveness for their customers as well. Because of these advancements, customers around the world can expect the same quality standardized services, wherever they may be located. To further showcase these advancements and their will to better serve all customers, they have decided to rebrand as ECU Worldwide,

In this issue of LM, Mr. Viraj Nobnomtham, Managing Director, ECU Worldwide (Thailand) shares the underlying motive in changing the corporate name, updating their new vision, and tell us about the newer and greater business purposes for both ECU Worldwide and ECU Worldwide (Thailand).


ECU-LINE is Now ECU Worldwide

“After the establishment of the Belgium-based ECU-LINE 29 years ago, the company has expanded quite a lot and has made a name for themselves in the sea freight industry as an LCL consolidation service provider. The list of services has also grown in variety, from port-to-port services into many other means, and evermore coverage. Henceforth, in order to confirm and emphasize our extensive network of services, we have decided to change our name from ECU-LINE to ECU Worldwide and ECU-LINE (Thailand) into ECU Worldwide (Thailand),” Mr. Nobnomtham said.

Although the name is changing; the strength, efficiency, and high standards of service haven’t been altered and are set to continue on their upwards trajectory. The identity of ‘ECU’; the color code and the style of logo are all imbued into the new ECU Worldwide, portraying that the mission and promises they have for their customers in delivering reliable services shall never be changed, only improved further.

ECU Worldwide_4_opt

Mr. Viraj Nobnomtham

“Even if the name has been changed, we still hold on to our identity of being ‘ECU’, which is imbued with a strong network, efficiency, and lends itself to showing our credit as one of the most successful LCL consolidation service providers. We have also expanded our scope of services from an NVOCC into a wider variety of services, including FCL (Full Container Load) and Multimodal Transportation services, meaning that we can provide our services on both land and sea. In fact, these services have been under operation for many years already, a push for promoting them on a wider scale hasn’t been done until now. This rebranding is such a great opportunity to share with the world our newly strengthened and widened stand point.”

Geography Simplified

In line with the new name, ECU Worldwide has also adopted a new slogan. Condensing their old slogans; ‘Yes we can’ to‘ It’s not just LCL- it’s our passion!’ and‘ One degree makes all the difference’, into one simplified slogan was the ultimate goal. To that end, the new slogan ‘Geography Simplified’ reflects their vision in providing the same standardized services in all ECU offices around the world. Meaning that the customers can enjoy a fast paced, reliable, friendly, effective, and effortless service, no matter where they are.

Moreover, to ensure the high standard of services they provide to their customers are kept, ECU Worldwide have invested into new technologies for their operations.  Customers can expect a more convenient and higher security standard of services on top of improved lead time and cost efficiency offers. They have also expanded the 2015 Year of SALES program in to year 2016,


Mr. Shashi Kiran Shetty

where Mr. Shashi Kiran Shetty, Chairman, ECU Worldwide explained: “Many may remember that we promoted 2015 as the ‘Year of SALES’, and to that end have extended it into this year as well. We have also set our goal in strengthening our commitment for customers in order to drive our business further, and confirm to the industry that our services are the Best-in-Class in both LCL and FCL. Furthermore, we have organized training for our sales team, are measuring work efficiency, and improving our internal visibility and communication. Modern IT solutions have been adopted to better our services in every way. We realize the power of technology makes huge differences in business operations. As a service provider, we want to build a new standard for our industry and help to accommodate our customers’ business in every means possible within our scope of service.” Mr. Shetty continued.

Change for the Better

With all the changes going on at the moment, the Managing Director of ECU Worldwide (Thailand) assured that there will be zero effects to the customer experience, excepting the only change they’ll see is the company name being changed from ECU-LINE to ECU Worldwide and ECU-LINE (Thailand) into ECU Worldwide (Thailand) is in documents. Corporate management, operations, contact points, and all business procedures are the same, but more globally standardized.

“All ECU Worldwide offices will operate under the same standard and are all unified together,” said Mr. Nobnomtham. “Whereas ECU Worldwide is a global brand, every ECU Worldwide office in every country will work in sync as one global team; not only on the operation side, but marketing, sales, and all other aspects of the operation. We have, in fact, been operating like this for many years. We just want to make it more clear and established.”

The change in name and corporate identity of ECU Worldwide is a signal that they are moving onto a new purpose, a greater and brighter vision. This also emphasizes ECU Worldwide’s dedication to become the top LCL, FCL, and Multi Modal Transport services provider. They’re here, and more than ready to support and grow together with their customers in a partnership fashion, for greater competitiveness and efficiency on the world stage.

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Panthita Phensawang

Panthita Phensawang, or Mhew, is an experienced writer who enjoys using her words. When she isn’t glued to a computer screen, she spends time watching movies and listening to K-pop music and plans trips to exotic foreign countries. Writing for Airfreight Logistics, she gets to see what goes on behind the scenes of how her online purchases get delivered to her door.

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